10 Techniques To Boost Attendance At World Hypnotism Day Events

Question: How can I get the most people to attend my World Hypnotism Day event?

Here is a quick list of what I would do to get the most butts-in-seats for a World Hypnotism Day event. 

  1. Getting free publicity will get you the most mileage.
  2. Using other people’s lists. Get businesses, non-profits, colleges etc. to promote you to their audience.

    Example: You do a Stop Smoking with Hypnosis Seminar.  If you partner with the American Lung Society, get them to promote your event to their list.

    Example: If you are doing stress relief, call all your large local businesses to send a message to their employees.

  3. How many ‘events’ calendars are there in your area?  TV, Radio, newspapers, etc.  Get listed in as many as possible.
  4. Get a local proclamation from the Mayor, or City Council etc.  This is an idea Tom Nicoli came up with last year for World Hypnotism Day. Full instructions are in the WHD members area.  At least 14 people pulled this one off last year.

    Here is an example of a Proclamation from WHD 2009:

  5. Post event announcements on free Internet event sites like CraigsList.org
  6. Partner with other hypnotists doing WHD events to put a large add in the local newspaper.  List all the WHD events in different parts of the city in one HUGE Eye-Grabbing ad.
  7. Start a Meetup Group on MeetUp.com This is a social Media site so people will find you by searching for topics and keywords.

    Note: You can get a lot of mileage out of using Meetup.com.  You can also use it as a way to keep track of registrations and to send email reminders.

  8. Post ads on Facebook.com You can target ads by location, age,  income and other demographics, so the ads are highly targeted.  You can also create an event listing on Facebook that anyone can find by keyword.
  9. Post ads using Google Adwords.  You can target by location and keyword search.  Drive them to your meetup.com sign up page.
  10. Old School – visit all the businesses in your area and ask to drop off flyer and/or free tickets.  Make sure you require them to register to activate free ticket.  Send them to your meetup site.

By the way, there are 3-steps to ‘getting people to attend’. These are as follows:

  • Find people who are interested
  • Get them to register (you build a list)
  • Get them to show up (you follow up with reminders of the benefits to showing up)

So you need a list or a tool for registration and follow up. This is why I suggested Meetup.com, but you can use an email system of your own if you already have one.

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