10 Tips For A Prosperous Practice (Part 3)

Picking up where we left off in Part 2…


7. Use Multi-Step Marketing

A big mistake I see hypnotists making is to go directly for the sale with prospective clients.

Advertisement –> Call now to buy sessions

For people to decide to spend the big bucks, they need information first.

And usually, People don’t like to call for fear of being sold.

But they do want questions answered.

So the multi-step process allows them to discover how you can help them solve their problem.

Here’s how this works.

Advertisement –>
Website opt-in page –>
Email sequence explaining how your solution works –>
Offer a free evaluation session –>
They decide to buy sessions

The email sequence and evaluation session are designed to answer questions, fears & objections and to provide proof this will work for the prospect.

The marketing name for this is a “funnel”.

A funnel leads the prospect through the buying process step-by-step.

This is important, because as Dan Kennedy says:

If you don’t have a process for selling…
You are at the mercy of their process for buying.


8. Don’t Drink The Social Media Koolaid

Social media continues to be a HUGE time suck with little or no return for investment.

Many businesses are questioning why they are paying people to spend all day on Facebook & Twitter.

And I have yet to meet a hypnotherapist who gets a consistent chunk of their clients from social media (If you do, contact me please).

But I know for a fact there are 3 low-cost high-return methods of getting new clients that DO work consistently year after year for hypnotists.

Briefly, here are the 3 marketing methods:

I. Referrals

Every successful hypnotist I’ve interviewed gets the majority of their business from referrals.

II. Public Speaking

Hypnotists like Katherine Zimmerman and NLP’ers like Kevin Cole get many new clients from public

III. Free Publicity

One article about you or your business can have you booked for weeks or even months

We’ll wrap things up in part 4.

But don’t wait to get started, pick at least one of these 10 tips and take action.