4 Ways Successful Hypnotists Think Differently

We are in turbulent economic times.

Unless you live in a cave, you already know this.

The key to make it through tough times is in how you think about your business and your customers.

Or as my karate Sensei likes to say…

“Get your mind right!”

And as a hypnotist, you have a clear advantage when it comes to the mind.

Problem is, most of the “make-instant-millions” gooroos won’t tell you these things, because they don’t want you to think business actually involves work.

I’m more of a No B.S. guy, partly because it’s my nature, and mostly because I want you to succeed wildly and rave to me how great your business is doing.

So let’s dive in shall we?

The most critical aspects for a business to succeed going forward are:

1. Sell an experience, NOT a product.

2. Respecting your clients with the intention of building a long-term relationship with them.

3. Using innovation and creativity to navigate shortages of capital.

4. Passion, hard work, and determination. Let’s go a bit deeper into each one. (I could do a seminar on each one, but I just want to hammer these critical concepts home for now.)

Sell an experience,
NOT a product.

If you’ve heard me talk, you’ve heard me say “Don’t sell hypnosis!”.

Instead you want to sell how awesome it is to be able to smell again and how relieved your loved ones will be when you no longer are a smoker.

You want to sell how exciting it is to fit back in that wedding dress and how many compliments they get for dropping 30 pounds.

Fact is, the days in which people will buy things just for the sake of buying is over.

Remember, you aren’t just doing sessions, you are offering a life changing experience.

Respecting your clients
with the intention of building
a long-term relationship with them.

I know, I know… this seems freaking obvious.

But I can count on the fingers of one hand how many hypnotists I have found who maintain regular contact with former clients.

Hypnotists are always chasing NEW clients. And most ignore the old ones.

This is bad for your business, but it’s also bad for your clients.

You gave them a powerful life-changing experience. Then you cut them loose.

What if they want MORE???

One smart & successful hypnotist I know makes it a point to offer other opportunities for experiencing and learning about hypnosis to past clients.

Self hypnosis classes, life improvement sessions, intro to hypnosis courses and even full certification courses.

Theirs is a mid six-figure hypnosis business.

And here’s a secret that Direct Mail experts have known for the last half century… The easiest people to sell to are people who have ALREADY bought something from you.

Your most valuable business asset is your CUSTOMER list!

This has been a core principle I’ve been teaching the last 10 years.

Using innovation and creativity
to navigate shortages of capital.

The majority of folks starting hypnosis businesses are on a shoestring.

This is why strategies like using Publicity, Public Speaking and finding Referral SOURCES are so critical.

None of these require much capital, yet can yield multiple thousands of new business.

Passion, hard work,
and determination.

In my experience, most hypnotists are very passionate. And most are willing to do the work.

The real key here is the determination.

Bluntly, you gotta be stubborn as a pack mule. Like I was in not letting a bad accident and 4 surgeries derail my life.

Accept right now that you will have failures and setbacks, because you will. I do, and every business you can name has them.

The difference is how you handle it when you fail.

You can either wilt or you can become stronger.

When I was in the hospital, my mantra was…

Not dead, can’t quit!

Scott Sandland started out dead broke and over $10,000 in debt. That would have stopped most people from starting a business.

But in less than 5 years he built a 6-figure hypnosis practice ONLY using referrals.

Now, you can say either say “If he did it, I CAN do it” or you can find reasons (excuses) why it will only work for him.

Determination is where you can turn your super powers of hypnosis on yourself.

Do whatever it takes, because this will be the “secret sauce” that makes everything else work.

Try and find a “make-instant-millions” gooroo who will give you that kind of tough love.

Or just go kick-butt with your business.

Then rave about it to me. 🙂