60% Of Marketing Success Is…

I spent 4 days with some of the sharpest marketing minds on the planet.

One day was my own Mastermind in the dating advice niche.

And three days were at the Traffic & Conversion Summit here in San Francisco.

Over 2000 people attended, but to my knowledge only two hypnotists were there… Marc Carlin (Virtual Gastric Band) and Mark Cunningham (RenegadeHypnotist.com)

There were many advanced sessions on Email Deliverability, SEO Recovery from Google’s recent Panda update, 24-Step Selling System and How To Do Stealth Research on your Competitors Online Advertising.

But just like in Martial Arts, all of these sessions tied back to BASIC FUNDAMENTALS.

You might remember Mr. Miyagi saying “Must have balance Daniel-San!” It’s because you can’t throw an effective punch without good balance and a stable stance.

And there are basics to marketing & selling too.

Doesn’t matter what the ‘widget’ is you are selling, one of the most basic rules is…

60% of success is TARGETING.

No matter how good or irresistible your offer is, if you don’t have the right target market, it will most likely FAIL.

You wouldn’t offer stop-smoking sessions to people who don’t smoke, right?


Offer IBS-relief to folks who don’t even know what that is, right?

Yet this happens all the time.

To prevent wasting your time and/or money:

1. Know Your Buyer

2. Target Where Your Buyer Already Is

Doesn’t make sense to run a stop-smoking ad in a Yoga journal. Since the majority of the readers already live a healthy lifestyle.

However, Yoga people would probably be very interested in a self-hypnosis workshop.

Got it?

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