Aging Population A Boon For Hypnotists

There it was in big bold letters.

The headline in USA Today said

Aging Population A Boon
For Health Care Workers

One of the biggest population explosions in history, the Baby Boomer generation, is hitting retirement age.

And as they age, their need for medical services goes up.

So there is HUGE demand for medical workers such as nurses, pharmacists and physical therapists.

But USA Today left out Hypnotists.

Big mistake, because as physicians get overwhelmed with the urgent care issues, they are going to be referring stop smoking and weight management problems like crazy.

And more and more people who have chronic problems like pain or anxiety don’t want to take handfuls of pills every day.

They want drug-free solutions for symptom relief.

Fact is, the aging population should be a huge boon for Hypnotists!

Let’s look at the trends…

Obesity is at all time highs.

Stress & anxiety are increasing.

Diabetes around the world continues to grow at frightening rates.

People seeking for relief for chronic pain is growing.

And here’s a very interesting recent study…

“Women consistently reported experiencing more pain, even for things like back and neck pain, knee and ankles strains, complications of HIV, and sinusitis.”

— Journal of Pain, Jan 2012 “How Gender, Race, and Age Influence Pain Expectations”

And as we know, most hypnosis clients are women.

The bottom line — demand for what hypnotists can do will skyrocket.

And as Melissa Roth said during our recent interview…

“if you are not getting referrals from the physicians in your community, you are missing the bus. You are providing a service that they both want and need.”

She should know.

She’s run her hypnosis practice using only doctor referrals for over 20 years.

I did an almost 2-hour interview with her where she mapped out step-by-step her exact method for getting MD referrals.

She even shared for the first time a couple new methods she has been using.

In 2011 Melissa moved her life and her practice from Birmingham AL to Boulder CO.

She had all the clients she cared to see in only 6 weeks, and even had physicians calling her!

Melissa told me this week “I’ve hired an associate who will see after hours and weekend clients.”

How she did it is revealed in this new program.

It’s called

How To get Doctors To
Refer You Hypnosis Clients


  • Hi Craig,

    While I agree that the aging population offers numerous opportunities for hypnosis practitioners, it is still a huge challenge to get referrals from doctors. Those people who have succeeded are often those who were in a career where they were selling to doctors (i.e., wasn’t Melissa a pharmaceutical sales rep?) – or they worked within the medical field, or they are/were married to docs.

  • Hi Rhoda,

    It’s a myth that doctors won’t refer to hypnotists. More and more physicians are thrilled to refer out their patients who need to stop smoking, lose weight or have conditions like IBS.

    Doctor’s are sick & tired of telling their patients to stop smoking, lose weight, quit eating sugar etc. You are doing them a favor by helping out with these people.

    You just have to present it to them correctly.

    Both Scott Sandland and Mellisa Roth have taught other hypnotists how to do this. Their methods are very different and yet both are effective.

    How To Build An All-Referral Practice
    Featuring guest expert Scott Sandland
    Discover how Scott built a 6-figure
    hypnosis practice using ONLY referrals.

    How To Get Doctors To
    Refer You Hypnosis Clients

    Featuring guest expert Melissa Roth
    A proven system for getting doctors
    excited about referring you clients.

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