The Best Days To Send Email (And A Sneaky Trick)

Do you know the best days to send email?

It’s one of the most common questions in Email Marketing. For that matter, it’s one of the most common question in Internet Marketing.

Now the snarky Internet Marketer answer is…

You gotta test dude.

Turns out the snarky answer is correct, but that doesn’t help you if you don’t know how to run a test or don’t have time.

And it’s better to move fast and make mistakes than do nothing, so here are some rules of thumb for you.


A recent cross industry survey of businesses using email marketing found the following in answer to this question:

“How effective are emails sent each day of the week?”

* Best day: Tuesday 61%
* Second best day: Wednesday 57%
* Third best day: Thursday 41%

Now here’s the problem with this survey… they don’t define what “effective” means.

And since this includes large corporations as well as single shop entrepreneurs effective can mean anything from open rates to website visits to they came in the store.

This also included B2B and B2C data. Which are very different critters. B2B reads email at the desk at work. B2C reads email anywhere their phone goes (including on the toilet)

Here’s some more relevant tests

Digital Marketer Labs have found this in their testing (strictly consumer markets)

Best Days: Tuesday – Thursday

But here is a little trick they discovered that very few people use…

Weekends are great for Low-Dollar offers!

Don’t mail anything expensive on the weekends. But do send flash sales. Also anything that doesn’t take people long to make decisions.

Why does this work?

Simple… we read email EVERY DAY.

Doesn’t matter if they are college kids or seniors. (You can thank Apple for this trend)

And on the weekend they have time to make a quick, low cost purchase.

Best part… your competition won’t be doing this because conventional wisdom is NEVER email on the weekend.

Add that to your funnel today.

One more thing…

We all should do marketing split tests. But if you are unable to for some reason, then the next best thing is to keep up with what’s working.

For $75/year you can get access to Which Test Won. A database of marketing split tests and case studies.

They have a marketing quiz there. See if you can pick the winner.

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