Brand Goo Roos Got It Wrong (Again)

There is a lot of bad marketing advice on the Internet.

Some of the worst seems to come from the realms of Branding and Social Media.

But when you combine these two, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Take this quote for example

“The point is to have dynamic conversations between your brand and your fans.”
— Veronica Fielding, CEO Brand Expressions

I don’t know about you, but I never flip on my computer and think, “Gee, I sure would love to talk to Crest Toothpaste today.”

And when I have a problem with my Seagate Backup Drive, I’m might swear at it, but the reality is I want to talk to a HUMAN to get the damn thing fixed.

So when you hear Brand Goo Roos say stuff like this… run for the exits.

Now check this out.

Here’s what one of the most successful entrepreneurs of modern times, Richard Branson, says about how a company should interact with customers.

“Employees are the face of your company
and they must embody your message
and care for your customers.”

— Sir Richard Branson, CEO Virgin Group of companies
including Virgin Megastores, Virgin Records
& Virgin Atlantic Airways

Sir Richard also says “Happy employees make for happy customers.”

He gets it.

Business is about PEOPLE!

Not brands.

There is a reason he’s the 4th wealthiest citizen in the United Kingdom.

Now you may have heard me say there is only one type of branding a small business should do.

Superior Marketing + Quality Service/Product = Brand Awareness

There’s an article on my blog about here:

The Truth About Brand Building

Focus on using proven methods of Direct Response marketing because you can track and measure it.

There is a reason companies like GM and Pizza Delicious are pulling back from Facebook.

“The second challenge with Facebook is
that brands struggle to reap real value
from its social interactions.”
— Business Week

Because people don’t want to have conversations with brands.

You and I don’t socialize with brands.

We socialize with people!

And your clients are people too.

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