Don’t Sell Hypnosis

Most Burning Question:  What is the best combination of easy understand-ability / clarity of the call to action and actual value presented to the average potential layperson (when it comes to Hypnosis services)?

And assuming some of the higher value stuff we can offer as hypnotists is too cryptic for most people to understand or even conceive of.

This is a good question.  In fact it’s a great question and one most people won’t ask.

And it’s also not a simple one to answer.

People mostly don’t understand hypnosis, and that’s not so important as long as you don’t sell hypnosis.

Instead you sell the benefits hypnosis has for them and you tightly niche it.  A good example is Irritable Bowel Syndrome.   This is an area where Hypnosis shines yet almost no one knows this solution is available.

People who are miserable with IBS (either the symptoms or the side effects of medication) won’t give a rat’s ass what can solve their problem, they just want their quality of life back.

Yet hypnotists have done a poor job of getting word out there is a 3rd solution that has no side effects.

So to paraphrase Michael Fortin, to produce a good marketing piece you need to

  • know your product
  • know your audience (your market)
  • know how to sell (i.e. how to connect the first two)

Where hypnotists drop the ball is knowing their market. 

All too often hypnotists put generic business-card type ads in non-targeted media.  And then they wonder why they get a poor response rate from this kind of advertising.

So the real secret is to be able to literally crawl inside the head of your ideal prospect, and tell them what they need to know to get them excited about your offer.

Note: Having an irresistible offer helps too.  But that is another discussion.

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