Free Internet Press Release Services is now charging $80 for a release. Do you know of any other sites for free web press releases?.

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, PRweb can be worth the $80.  I use it all the time for my clients.

You not only get guaranteed injection into Google News & Yahoo News, it gets promoted to the blog-o-sphere and depending on how many pick it up, can provide a lot of links back to your site.

And they do some SEO work behind the scenes to optimize your release for maximum web exposure.

Plus, they have a list of media people who get notices from PRWeb.

That said, if you just want to get the release out on the web and into Google & Yahoo, there are a few services you can use:

(these are from my Quick & Easy Guide To Getting Your Press Release Out)


They have both free and paid release services.  For $20 they will put your release in Google news.


I notice that many press releases from this service end up in my Google news feed.

They also format the releases nicely and have an option for PDF output.

They seem to be getting the majority of the free press releases since PRweb stopped their free service, and looks to be a very high quality service.


I’m not too excited about these guys, but it might be worth a shot after you have used some of the better services.


This site appears to be using a Content Management System to host press releases.  Not sure if they do much more than that.  But if you are looking for back links, they have a page rank of 5.


Same folks as above but this is their German language press release site.


For Hypnotists in the UK, this is another option.

7. (Newly Added)

This is a new addition since I first wrote this post. They have become the favorite of some friends of mine who do online PR.  I haven’t used them yet, but in looking over the site they seem pretty solid.  Good page rank and good Alexa ratings.  I would definitely put them in your short list.

My Recommendation: Of these my choice would be to use is

Note: no longer offers a free press release service.  In past articles I recommended them as my #1 choice.

And, since it is FREE to send a press release online, every hypnotist on this list should send at least one a month.

Why should you send out press releases?  How about this…

While I was teaching my workshops at the National Guild of Hypnotists conference this year, Tim Shurr told me he wrote and sent out a press release as I taught on the teleseminar earlier this year and the story netted him $30,000 in sales!

If this isn’t motivation to send out a release, check your pulse.

You can hear another teleseminar I did with Elsom Eldridge on here on the blog. You can find it here:


  • I used Press Method and upgraded . It was still less than the $80.
    I did not get what I paid for and they do not respond to numerous “contact us” emails.

    Long story short, I am going back to PRWeb for the basic release .

  • Hey Craig,,,,, my marketing/Hypno Guru,, you made my WHD a huge success by using your tips…
    I've grown my Part Time business and want to take it to a full time practice… I need to marekt my business,,, I feel a website is the best way to go….. I need new flyers,, perhaps speak at some groups,, My boys are both in school,, now,, full time,, so I have time to commit, money to spend to get to the next level.
    Your advise,, thoughts,,,,,
    Scott Cooper CHt

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