Free Publicity Opportunity — Time Magazine Article On Smoking Deaths

Time Magazine put out a health feature story on cigarettes this week, and it’s a killer (no pun intended) chance for publicity.

Check out Time’s Headline…

Time Magazine Story on Projected Tobacco Related Deaths


You can read the full article here: Time Magazine Smoking Article

The mind reels with possibilities for using this to get free publicity.  This is great material for the media, and you can bet this story will make the rounds.  And guess what… the press will need EXPERTS to talk to about how to solve this problem.  And remember, hypnosis is fascinating to the general public so it makes for good ratings.

Review your notes from my teleseminar on how to get over $10,000 worth of FREE Publicity, and start thee to faxing press releases.

This will be a very juicy topic for the near future.  The sooner you do it, the better.

Do Press Releases Work?

Recently I wrote and article like this with an idea to use the stories going around about weight loss scams involving hypnosis.

Greg Turner, owner of Faster Healing With Hypnosis, jumped on it and got a sweet interview on San Diego’s KUSI TV news program.  Greg was also one of the first people to sign up on my Free Publicity Teleseminar, and he obviously paid close attention to what I taught that day.

Greg Turnier on KUSI TV News

You can see the video of his interview here:

He’s credentialed for life as a hypnosis expert by one of the top TV news stations in his city.  You can’t buy that at any price!

Now… who’s next?  Who will be the first to get media exposure for the stop smoking story?  I’m waiting to hear from you.

Expect success!



P.S. Quick headline idea for the release

"Local Hypnotist To Help Prevent One Billion Deaths From Smoking"

Time magazine reported this week that one billion people will die from smoking by the end of this century.

"Not if I can help it" says Smoking Cessation Expert ____________

(now you finish the rest, and get yourself some free publicity!)

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