Fulfillment Companies For Hypnosis Products

I would like to know if you know anyone that has a fulfillment company they use they absolutely love. I have used 2 of them so far and am very unimpressed.

One I was working with I had it set up for them to go into my shopping cart, take the orders, and make the product in small batches when needed. It was very cool, except their billing was off and I believe they overcharged me often after I did an audit.

The other one i use is only for when I buy the product and stock it at their warehouse. Problem with that is it’s a lot of money up front. I’m looking to create some new products.

This is an ongoing problem. I’ve yet to find anyone who is thrilled with their fulfillment company. But I do know some who feel the one they use does a good job as long as they have a contact person to work with on a regular basis. I’ll list some below that a majority of the info marketers and Internet Marketers are satisfied with.

Since I don’t know your exact needs, you’ll need to contact them to see if it’s what you want as they each serve a different type of business need.

  1. Speaker Fulfillment Services

    They got their start handling orders for professional speakers who were on the road a lot. As their reputation grew, the info marketers started using them. They are reliable and fairly priced. They do both print on demand and storage of pre-made materials.The biggest problems seem to be upfront when you start. Request a contact person you can develop a relationship with and be patient as they get you into their system.My experience with them (working for my client accounts) is once they get used to how you do business they are solid. But the first few months you need to watch them very closely to iron out mistakes.Note:  If you have a big launch they need a ton of lead time.
  2.  Fulfillment CentralThese guys are strictly print-on-demand. Probably the best choice if you do smaller amounts. Definately the best choice for people new to selling products. Downside is higher cost per unit, but you carry no inventory.The also provide a free consultation  877-745-9343 – free consulation
  3.  Direct Marketing SolutionsI’ve no experience with them, but the leader of my Mastermind Group uses them and he is very selective about his vendors. The comments below are from my notes on what was said about them.Rich Selby – Founder (minimum batch sizes, 5 units) I use him currently, the service is good, but billing is often wrong.
  4. Disk.comOne of the most successful Internet Marketers I know of uses these guys, so they must be on the ball. Next time I need a fulfillment company they are on my short list to talk to.

All of these are full service fulfillment houses, meaning they print, assemble, ship, and take returns.  There are others who only pack and ship.  You have to provide them completed products and you handle returns.  For myself and my clients, the time savings of the full service fulfillment is worth paying a little extra.Technorati Tags: , ,


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