Gary Halbert Video – Gun To The Head Copywriting

If you don’t know who Gary Halbert is, and you are learning how to market your business… you should. 

Gary is considered to be one of the greatest copywriters of all time AND one of the sharpest direct marketing minds in the last 50 years.  Every single one of my mentors would drop everything, travel great distances, and pay as much as $7500.00 just to listen to Gary speak for a weekend.

Below is a short sample of Gary speaking as a surprise guest at The System Seminar that has been put on the web as part of a memorial tribute.  Gary Halbert, the "Prince of Print" passed away in his sleep last week.

Enjoy this video clip.  Pay attention as he talks about "Gun to the Head" copywriting, being on target, and how the focus of any business should be to solve problems for people.

If the video doesn’t play try these alternate options:

  1. Watch it, and other Gary Halbert video clips at – Gary Halbert "Gun  To The Head Copywriting" (
  2. Watch it on – Gary Halbert Video

I also highly recommend you go to The Gary Halbert Letter website and read his newsletters.  His sons have said they will leave his newsletters site up as a memorial to their father.

UPDATE: I just found four hours of Gary Halbert Interviews you can listen to.  They are at Michael Fortin’s blog for Copywriters called Boost My Response.  Click on this link to get them  Gary Halbert Interviews.

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