Google Slap Version 3 On It’s Way

Google is changing it’s quality score formula again.

This will mean another shake up in the online advertising world, affectionately referred to as a “Google Slap”

If your ads are highly targeted, your keywords match your ad copy, and your landing page copy matches what your ad promises, then you probably have nothing to worry about.

But since Google will never say what the exact changes are, you should be sure and watch your adwords account closely over the next few weeks to see if anything changes.

Here’s what we do know from the Adwords Blog:

  • The Quality Score will now be calculated at the time of the search query. (real time quality score)
  • Keywords will no longer be marked “Inactive for Search”
  • They are changing “minimum bids” to “first page bid”

For full details, see this post on the Adwords Blog:

Quality Score improvements to go live in coming days

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