Great Stop Smoking Press Release Opportunity

Pacific Gas &Electric (PG&E) has a trial program using hypnosis to help their employees stop smoking.  If you are a hypnotist who does stop smoking, this is a golden opportunity for you to leverage this in your marketing.

If PG&E decide to make this a permanent part of their wellness program, which looks like a strong possibility, this will be a great Proof Element to use in your marketing, and could open doors for you with businesses in your area.

Proof Elements are essential to your marketing, especially to deal with the rampant skepticism found today in our culture.

Screenshot of Article in Sacramento Bee Online

First thing to notice is what I’ve highlighted.  The hypnotist Mary Mitchell, is noted in the article as a "smoking cessation expert".  Nicely done Mary! 

Now, I don’t know if she was smart enough to declare herself as a smoking cessation expert, or if the reporter did it, but it is a great example of POSITIONING.  If you’ve been following this blog for very long, or listened to my podcasts, you know that positioning yourself as an expert is a key part of the marketing strategies I teach you.

Mary has been officially declared a smoking cessation expert by both the Sacramento Bee and PG&E!  If Mary is smart, she’ll plaster this in every piece of her marketing funnel.

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Second, if you are currently doing stop smoking sessions, I would definitely include the quote I’ve highlighted from the PG&E supervisor.  In fact, I would include the whole article, but pull out the quote in big bold letters above the article where he says "It’s amazing! It works!"

You can also reference this article and his quote in any press releases you put out for the Great American Smokeout or any stop smoking press releases you issue.  (Shame on you if you don’t use the biggest stop smoking event of the year in your marketing.)

And, if you wanted to break into the corporate market, you could send this article in your materials.  I would highlight key points, such as were it says "save the company a bundle in health costs". 

You always want to answer the question of What’s In It For Me (WIIFM) from the point of view of the company.  And in this case, it’s keeping health care costs and insurance costs down.

Put this on your Google Alerts watch list so you won’t miss it when they make it permanent

This is one to watch.  If PG&E makes this a permanent program, you’ll want to put out a press release to your local media.  It’s big news, and it legitimizes your work as a smoking cessation expert. 

Make no mistake, people put a lot of credibility in the news and media.  If it’s reported in the news that a major corporation is using Hypnosis to help their employees stop smoking… it means to the average person that hypnosis works and is a very realistic option to quit smoking.

Use this to your advantage every chance you get.  I recommend you print the Sacramento Bee article out now, and if you know how, take some screen shots to use in your online marketing materials (like I did for this article).

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