How To Find Out Which Yellow Pages Ad Is Working Best


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We found our no. 1 source of referrals is split between the Internet and the phone book. We advertise in both Verizon and Yellow Book — not everyone knows which book they looked in to discern which brings us the most business.  How can we tell which book people are using and which ads they are looking at?

The solution to this question is to ‘key’ your ads.  It’s the way direct marketers have been measuring their ads for at least 50 years. 

Below are two examples of keyed ads from recent newspaper ads in the San Francisco Chronicle. They both use a promo code.  The code will allow them to track that ad. 


Keyed Ad Using A Promo Code Tied To The Ad

The ad below is from nutrisystem.  It also has a unique website address in addition to using a promo code.  Notice that both these ads have a FREE offer.  This has been tested and proved to improve response.


Keyed Ad Using Both A Promo Code And Unique Web Address

You can either send them to a unique web URL and track which gets more traffic.  Or use the ad as a coupon.  Or have them call different numbers and track which gets most calls.

Another way to do it is to put in the ad, "when you call ask for _______"  and put a different name in each ad.

I don’t like to rely on people’s memory, so I would set up 2 different numbers and two different web addresses and track all unique traffic using ‘ad-trackers’ built into my shopping cart.  I would also have an irresistible risk-free offer in the ad to motivate them to take the next step in the buying process.

And I would make sure I was using a Lead Generation ad instead of a one-step to sale ad.

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