How To Generate Sales & Referrals From A Hypnosis Seminar

QUESTION: I was wondering if you have any advice on how to generate the most sales & referrals when I do a Hypnosis event like a free seminar done for World Hypnotism Day?

First thing…  Make sure you send them a reminder and keep them excited about attending.  You can’t make any sales if no one shows up.

Here are three important elements to getting sales from your Hypnosis event.

  1. Build trust, believability, and credibility before you make your pitch.   The best way to do this is by providing UNQUESTIONABLE PROOF about any claims you make.
  2. Make the best possible offer you can.  Do not skimp here.  Make it irresistible to anyone who is remotely interested in your services.
  3. Take all risk out of the transaction for the prospect.  You can do this through creative use of guarantees. (I have articles here on my blog about this)  Hypnotists mostly seem to be terrified of anything that takes away risk for the prospective client.  Think about what message this sends to your prospects.

Some other things to consider:


If you plan to offer a discount on session packages, You must give them a REASON WHY you are making such an offer to them or subconsciously they will wonder why it’s suddenly so cheap.

If you have read Robert Cialdini’s landmark work on the Psychology of Influence, you may remember the story of cutting in line at the copy machine.

Simply adding the word “because” with any reason worked about 90% of the time.   Often the request went like this… “Can I get ahead of you to make some copies because I’m in a hurry”

Similar results have been found in testing sales copy in direct mail.  There is even a classic book called Reason Why Advertising (pdf) by John E. Kennedy.


If you have done your presentation well, people either know they want more of what you have or they don’t.  But if you give them time to ponder it, you’ll lose many sales.  People get busy and distracted the moment they walk out the door.  They may really mean to get back to you, but things happen and next thing you know it’s 5 week later and forgotten.

Make the offer time limited.  Example: This offer is only good till I walk out the door today.  You can still sign up for sessions tomorrow, but you can only get it at this special rate today.


Be careful not to give them too many choices.  A confused mind will say no.

It’s better to have one focus (example: stop smoking) and three options such as Silver Program, Gold Program, Platinum Program.

Make the platinum program very expensive with tons of personal service, the silver program is your regular effective set of sessions, and Gold is regular plus some extras.

Most people will go for the Gold program and some might go for Platinum.

You could pass around an “interest sheet” on other topics you work with.  Have them put name and email for more info.


If you are doing an event, at the very least, get contact information from everyone who attends.   Name and email is a minimum, and I would get full mailing address with phone being optional.

This information is so amazingly valuable, yet very few in the hypnosis business bother to collect it.  This is basic Lead Generation Marketing.

Like I said at my NGH Presentation…  If you don’t have a constant stream of qualified leads coming in, you don’t have a business.

Now one thing that is very important to know about getting contact information… people hold this information as valuable.  So you must think of it as a transaction, they give you contact info and you give them (something of value) in return.

If you are doing a free seminar, workshop, or stage show… you are giving them something of value.  So get their contact information when they register for the event.


Always re-purpose your content.  When you put on a talk, seminar, or workshop… ALWAYS have it recorded.  Ideally you want digital video.  You can strip audio off of digital video so you can make both CD’s & DVD’s  (or podcasts and youtube videos).

There is so much you can do with this material.  Use it in new client packages, use it online to help explain or demonstrate what Hypnosis can do.  Use it as bonuses for clients.  Give them out at other talks as gifts.

But if you don’t have it, you can’t use it.  Start recording all your events and then ask yourself “how can I use this in my marketing?”


Finally, make the event fun and let your personality shine through so people can connect with you.  This is extremely important.  If you are stiff and boring, you’ll lose people.

Don’t try to be ‘corporate’, be yourself, let your personality out during your presentation.  Show your sense of humor, or your ability to notice unusual things, etc.

The human element which allows us to connect is essential to all aspects of your business, but especially at live events.

One more thing, this is important… you can’t make everyone like you, so don’t try.  Attract the kind of people you WANT to work with by letting your personality out.  If you try to please everyone, you’ll end up being boring and pleasing no one (including yourself).

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