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If you’ve ever tried to learn about how to market your business online, you’ll know there are a lot of scams and con-artists out there.

Plus there is what I call "the next shiny thing" problem. It seems like every day there is a latest-greatest whiz bang technique to make you a bazillion with your website.

So it’s easy to get distracted, and tough to know who to trust.

That’s why I like the System Seminar. It’s a NO B.S. education in both the fundamentals and also the cutting edge technologies that actually work.

System Seminar Attendess

I give credit to my mentors… I’ve learned a TON from System founder Ken McCarthy and the System Faculty.

Now I don’t expect you to run sign up for the seminar. It ain’t cheap. It’s $2,295 plus travel, food, and hotel room.

I’m going, and I’ll report on all the good stuff I learn after I get back.

The reason I’m telling you about it is because Ken does interviews with all the System Faculty each year and makes it available online up until the Seminar starts.

Normally you would pay hundreds of dollars for expert advice like this.

But you can get access to all 25 hour long interviews, and even download them for future reference, and you don’t have to spend one thin dime.

There’s just one catch… you have to do it before May 30. The interviews will be gone after that date. Ken takes them down just before the System Seminar starts, so get em now or you’ll miss out.

To get access to this wealth of knowledge, use this link:

CLICK HERE For Free Internet Marketing Interviews

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  • Craig, I clicked on this link and signed up for some sort of newsletter, but instead of the advertised 25 interviews, I got a 2 1/2 minute introduction to the seminar. Clicking on other links on the same page didn’t get me there either. Any advice or are they sent me somehow? Linda

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