From Zero Clients
To Waiting List
In Only 6 Weeks!

Discover how one hypnotist went from
brand-new practice to waiting list in only six weeks,
and 18 months later hired a second hypnotist
to handle the overflow of new clients!

From the desk of
Craig Eubanks
Somewhere slightly south of 
Golden Gate Park in San Francisco
Tuesday October 30, 2012

Dear Friend,

I’m going to share with you an amazing yet true story about a hypnotist went from brand-new practice to waiting list in only 6 weeks.

And after a year and 1/2 hired another hypnotist to help with all the new clients she was getting, while other hypnotists in the same area continue to worry about how to get enough clients.

If you’re a hypnotist and you feel like it’s a constant struggle to get more clients, then you’ll want to read this entire message. It might just be the most important message you’ll ever see.

Here’s why…

In January of 2011 a hypnotist with a 6-figure practice decided it was time to move.

Not just a move across town, she packed up all her worldly belongings and moved from Birmingham AL to Boulder CO.

You may know of this hypnotist, her name is Melissa Roth.

Now long distance moves are disruptive for anyone, but for a hypnotist it means starting a brand new practice from scratch.

In other words… Starting with ZERO Clients… and ZERO practice income.

But Melissa wasn’t concerned.

Because she had done this before.

Her practice in Birmingham was always fully booked even though she didn’t advertise, because as she says 

“I’ve never advertised so I really don’t know how, and I suck at it. But beyond that, I’m too cheap to do that.”

So how did she stay fully booked?


She got a steady stream of referrals from medical doctors and other medical professionals.

So when she got to Boulder, she put into action what she calls her “cookbook” method for getting doctors to send her referrals.

And inside of 6 weeks, she had all the clients she cared to see (for her this is 3-4 a day on weekdays only).

And a waiting list of people wanting to sit in her chair.

But her story gets even better.

Because in October of 2012, she hired another hypnotist to help her with the overflow.

And as Melissa says  “I already had a full book of clients each week.  This will be a great way to help this girl build a full time practice.”

Melissa has now built 2 full-time practices
in 2 very different regions of the country

Using her self-developed method of getting medical doctors to refer hypnosis clients.

What is her secret?

As a hypnotist you understand how important it is to understand your clients model of the world.

Melissa figured if she was going to work with medical professionals she had better understand their model of the world.

So she studied how doctors and hospitals do daily business.

What she discovered is a consistent way to get a meeting with even the busiest of doctors.

And a consistent way to build relationships with doctors so they trusted her enough to refer their patients.

Best part…

It doesn’t matter what the doctors specialty.

It doesn’t matter what city.

And it doesn’t even matter what part of the world.

Because doctors offices do business the same way.

And when you understand how this works you too can meet the doctors and get them to refer to you.

However many hypnotists don’t believe they can do this.

In researching this topic, I discovered 5 common myths hypnotists have about medical doctor referrals.

Myth #1: Doctors don’t refer to alternative or complementary therapies.

Fact: Researchers at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Medical Center found that one in 30 Americans — that’s about 6.4 million people — were referred for some kind of mind-body therapy by their doctor or another health care provider.

(Harvard University National Study, 2011 American Medical Association. Archives of Internal Medicine Vol 171 (No. 9), May 9, 2011)

Fact: More than 70 to 90 percent of the physicians considered complementary medical therapies, such as diet and exercise, behavioral medicine, counseling and psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy, to be legitimate medical practices. A majority had referred patients to nonphysicians for these therapies.
(Journal American Board Fam Pract. 1995 Sep-Oct;8(5):361-6.  University of Maryland at Baltimore)

Fact: in 2003, the American Medical Association published a study that said that 58% of their member physicians were interested in referring their patients to complementary therapists.

By the way, do you know the main reason MD’s said they don’t refer to complementary care more often?

Because they didn’t know who to refer to or what conditions to refer to which complementary therapist.

The reason Doctors don’t refer more often to complementary or alternative care providers is they don’t know who these providers are, and what conditions to refer!

Myth #2: Doctors are too busy 

Fact: doctors are busy, but here’s a little secret Melissa discovered by studying their model of the world…

All doctors have time set aside in their schedule for meetings.

This is how business in the medical world gets done. Some have slots every day, some only one day a week. All you need to know is how to get one of the open time slots!

Myth #3: You are taking business away from the doctor 

Fact: According to a 2012 study done by Association of American Medical Colleges. The USA could face a shortage of as many as 150,000 doctors in the next 15 years.  Populations are aging around the world, and there are big trends like obesity, diabetes and anxiety increasing at alarming rates.

Fact: As Melissa points out,  “Every physician of any specialty has people that they tell every day, Stop smoking. Lose weight. Learn how to get rid of the stress in your life!”  The MD’s are tired of saying this and would welcome any help they can get in this area.

Doctors are tired of saying Stop Smoking!
Lose Weight! Get rid of Stress!

-Melissa Roth

Myth #4:  Doctors in my country won’t refer

Fact: More than 60% of all physicians made referrals to alternative providers at least once in the preceding year and 38% in the preceding month.
(Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel)

Fact:  83% respondents had previously referred (or influenced referral) for Complementary or Alternative Medical (CAM) treatments.
(Complement Ther Med. 2004 Mar;12(1):6-16. London UK)

Fact:  A study carried out in 1990 surveyed the use of ‘alternative’ therapies by Auckland GPs. Two-thirds reported they would refer patients for alternative treatment.
(New Zealand Medical Journal 103 (889), pp 213-15, 9 May 1990)

Fact:  The majority of the participating GPs considered complementary approach within primary care.
(University Hospital Heidelberg, Vossstrasse 2, 69115 Heidelberg, Germany. 2008)

Fact:  Hypnotists have used Melissa’s method to build doctor referral based practices in Australia, Italy, Norway, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Taiwan, & Canada.

Myth #5:  Doctors won’t refer to a hypnotist

Doctors are thrilled and happy to refer!

-Scott Sandland

“Doctors are thrilled and happy to refer” — Scott Sandland

Scott should know, his fully booked practice gets referrals daily from doctors and dentists.

Like Melissa he understands there are big benefits from getting a constant stream of referrals from doctors. Such As…

Benefits Of MD Referrals

  • You don’t need to spend money on advertising
  •  The doctor credentials you as an expert
  • The client comes to you pre-sold that Hypnosis will work
  • You can have a fully booked practice
  • You can charge higher fees
  • Large long-term potential return for a small time investment
  • Requires almost no money to get started
  • The fastest way to build a referral based practice
  • Doctors will be grateful for helping their patients live healthier lives

It’s a win-win and you get to spend your time working with clients… Instead of worrying about how to get them.

Here’s how you too can learn Melissa’s methods for doctor referrals.

I recently spent 2 hours interviewing Melissa and got her to map out her “cookbook” as she likes to call it.

During the interview she went into depth explaining how a doctors office works and how to get meetings with doctors just like the ‘detail reps’ do every day.

Here’s a sample of what she revealed:

  • How to get past the gatekeeper (be a welcome guest not annoying pest)
  • 5 Critical questions you need answered before you visit a doctors office
  • Why you usually do NOT need an appointment and how to use this to your advantage
  • What to wear and how to prepare
  • What to do if the office asks you to buy lunch
  • Melissa’s tricks of the trade for seeing multiple MD’s in one day
  • The ‘magic words’ to say to the receptionist when you visit the doctors office, that gets you back to see the doctor.
  • Why you should talk with EVERYBODY in the doctors office (and what you should say when you meet them)
  • 2 things you should bring with you to handout at the doctors office that don’t get immediately thrown away (Hint: it’s not brochures)
  • How to prepare to make an good impression in a short time
    The mindset important to your success
  • What to say at the all important first meeting with a doctor.
  • How to handle common objections medical professionals have about hypnosis
  • Proper ways to follow up with doctors
  • How to find the 40% of medical professionals NOT listed in the phonebook or Google. (These people will be some of your best referral sources)
  • How to handle referrals who want to use their insurance if you don’t take insurance
  • Why you should never email or send letters to doctors looking for referrals
  • Melissa’s special ‘cheat-sheets’ that make it easy for the doctor to explain hypnosis benefits to their patients.
  • How to get doctors to make you a priority when you come to visit them.
  • How to get invited to give presentations to all the partners in a medical office
  • How to make Melissa’s system work for you even if you are a brand-new hypnotist
  • The shocking reality about what happens to your brochures the minute you leave the office
  • The TOP 5 issues doctors refer out to hypnotists
  • A HOT new niche for hypnotherapists! (The medical community doesn’t have a good answer for this problem)
  • 4 items Melissa always takes when meeting doctors.
  • The bare minimum you need to get started TODAY
  • Top 3 medical professionals to approach if you want IBS referrals
  • How to be successful with Melissa’s methods even if you are on a shoe-string budget
  • And much more…

Plus she took the time to answer questions sent in by hypnotists from around the world.

Also included is an Action-Steps Checklist to give you a step-by-step roadmap for getting started.

Plus I’ve created a video showing you how to find free medical journal articles using one of the world’s largest databases of medical research papers.

And I’ve included simple Kindle instructions on how you can get the ebooks onto your Kindle or Kindle Reader Software running on your iPad or Android.

And there are a couple of extra bonuses…

BONUS #1: Melissa’s Pre-Talk CD Audio MP3 ($15 Value)

One of Melissa’s secrets is how she uses her pre-talk CD to help get the entire doctor’s office staff as referral sources.

Due to popular demand, she has graciously agreed to provide her pre-talk as part of this program.

BONUS #2: List of 50 Free Medical Journal Papers
& Abstracts ($20 Value)

DONE FOR YOU! I researched and compiled this list of 50 free medical journal articles and abstracts related to hypnosis you can use to help doctors understand how hypnosis can help their patients.

Topics range from the bread-n-butter issues of Stop Smoking & Weight Loss to IBS, Pain Relief, Anxiety, Parasomnias and even using Hypnosis for Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

This will save you hours of hunting for medical journal articles, which are an essential part of Melissa’s method for getting doctor referrals.

BONUS #3: Melissa’s New “Get Paid To Advertise” 
Practice Booster Method

During the interview Melissa revealed a brand-new way of getting clients she tried in Boulder.   She refers to it as getting paid to advertise. The first time she did it she got 29 new clients, and now uses this two or three times a year. It’s not something to replace doctor referrals, but it gives a nice boost in new clients a couple times a year.

How To Get Medical Doctors
To Refer You Hypnosis Clients

So to sum it up, here’s what you get in How To get Medical Doctors To Refer You Hypnosis Clients

  • 2-Hour Audio Interview iTunes Ready (MP3)
  • 98 page manual with resources (PDF)
  • Video: How To Find Free Papers On Pubmed
  • Action Steps Checklist (PDF)
  • Kindle Instructions (works for iPad and Android devices)
  • BONUS: Melissa’s pre-talk (MP3)
  • BONUS: List of 50 free medical journal articles & abstracts related to Hypnosis (PDF)
  • BONUS: Melissa’s new “get paid to advertise” practice booster method

One Time Payment

Only $47.00!

While this method isn’t “cookie-cutter”, it is a systematic approach that has worked for 20 years and in both English and non-English speaking countries. 

A systematic approach that has worked for 20 years

Up till now you would have had to attend one of her $500 specialty certification seminars to hear her explain in-depth how she so easily gets medical doctors to refer her clients.

I am so sure of your success with this program I guarantee it 2 times in 2 different ways:

My Two 100% No-Hassle 
Money Back Guarantees

Guarantee #1: 60-Day Money Back Guarantee - You must be 100% satisfied!

If you’re not 100% thrilled and delighted with this program, or you don’t like this program for any reason, and I do mean any reason… Even if you don’t like the sound of my voice or the color of the cover… Simply send me a personal email or go to my helpdesk within 60 days and I’ll refund every penny you paid.

And I’ll insist you keep the bonus gifts for giving How To Get Medical Doctors To Refer You Hypnosis Clients an honest evaluation.

Guarantee #2: At least one new paying client in the next 365 days!

I’ll give you 1 full year to put these methods into action.  If you’ve followed the steps outlined in this program and haven’t gotten at least one new client, I’ll buy it back from you.  No hassles, no hard time.  You’ll get a prompt refund and we part as friends.

Because I stand behind my programs 100%, and frankly I want you to succeed wildly and tell me your success stories.

At this point, I’ve shown you the value of having doctors refer you hypnosis clients.  and I’ve shown you my two guarantees.

All you need to do now is order to get instant access to the program.

Listen, if you’re still watching this video you probably don’t have all the clients you want.

And you don’t have all the money you want.

So it’s important to ask yourself if you keep doing the same thing how will tomorrow be any different than today?

The most successful hypnotists all have referral based practices, but it typically takes at least 5 years and in some cases as long as 12 years to do this without a proven system.

Melissa got her new practice up and running in 6 weeks and hired another hypnotist after 18 months.

Wouldn’t you like to have your practice to be like that?

Just click the big orange “add to cart” button to get started.


Craig Eubanks

P.S. Even if you are the lowest priced hypnotist on the planet, one new client will easily cover your investment in this program.  And if you can get one doctor referral, you can get many more.

P.P.S. Here are what some people have to say about Melissa Roth and the interview I did with her for this program…

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