How To Get More Clients For Your Hypnotherapy Practice – Part I

Do You Know What’s Wrong With This Hypnosis Advertisement???


Typical Hypnosis Yellow Pages Ad

I’m going to write a series of articles for you on how to get more clients for your Hypnosis Business.  These articles are going to be based around the two major principles I implement for my marketing clients.  These are essential to any Direct Response Marketing strategy, and frankly should be a part of any sound marketing plan.

The two principles are:

  1. Permission Based Marketing The prospect gives you explicit permission to send them your marketing materials to EDUCATE them on what the BENEFITS are of using your services, and to develop a relationship that leads to TRUST.
  2. PositioningUsing your marketing materials and the way you run your business to credential yourself as an EXPERT.

Currently I see very little use of either of these key strategies in hypnotherapy marketing.  And the few that are doing this, are some of the most successful in the industry.

Key Mistake #1 – Selling Hypnosis

You are going to hear me say this until you get sick of it.  But I’m going to do it as long as I see hypnotists continue to lose money by trying to sell hypnosis.This takes many forms, but for this article I’m going to talk about trying to take someone from an advertisement to paying client in 1-step.

Here is an example of a typical hypnotherapy advertisement from my local yellow pages: - Example Hypnosis ad #1
Example of A Typical Hypnosis Advertisement

There are so many things wrong with this ad I could write a book on it.  But for the topic today, here is the first of two key points I want you to really grasp today:

  • The ad is clearly selling hypnosis.  It does not promise any benefits, and does not educate the prospect on why they should use hypnosis and in particular this hypnotherapist.

There is no positioning going on here.  Instead there is a menu-board of things you can do with Hypnosis.  And the way it’s worded, it looks like you can use hypnosis to get anxiety and addictions.  And EFT is in big letters, which doesn’t mean diddly to most people not in the profession.

This is not the ad of a specialist.


Key Mistake #2 – Only Option Is To Call

Here’s another ad from my local phone book:

Example Hypnosis Ad #2

The big problem here is…

  • The only ‘next-step’ is to call.  The implication is you call to book an appointment.  Most people will react to this in the same way most of us react to walking into a car dealership.  It means dealing with a sales person.  This perception is very important.

People do NOT like to call if they have any reason to believe they will be ‘sold’.  Think about your own experiences.  Do you like to call when you think you’ll have to deal with a salesperson?  It’s only one step removed from being called by telemarketers during your dinner time.

Now some people will still call.  If they have heard hypnosis will solve their problem, and they want it bad enough, they’ll call.

But that leaves a large portion of people who will NEVER call.  That’s like throwing money down the toilet.

Both of these ads have made very similar mistakes.  Both are what I refer to as “Business Card” ads.  Most likely it’s not their fault… they don’t teach marketing in Hypnosis Certification Courses, and this is the same kind of ad you find in the Yellow Pages and that the Yellow Pages ad-reps tell you to use.

It’s a safe bet if you have read this far, you either used ads like this or have thought about it.  And that’s okay, you were doing the best you could with the resources you had.  Now it’s time to use the time tested methods of 2-step sequences and direct response marketing.

In Part II you’ll learn how powerful a 2-step marketing process can be.

Till next time…


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