How To Get More Clients For Your Hypnotherapy Practice – Part II

In this article you’ll learn one of the secrets of Direct Response Marketing that has been in use by the most successful direct mail and catalog businesses.  It’s virtually unknown in the Hypnotherapy Industry.  It’s a simple concept but it does require a little effort, and if you are willing to put in the effort, the rewards will be massive for your business.


The Power Of Multi-Step Marketing

One-step selling is the easiest for a business.  You place an advertisement with the intended outcome that the prospect will call you to set up an appointment for your services.

However, this is the MOST difficult way to get the prospect to buy.  There are some very important reasons why the one-step sale is hard to get:

  1. The prospect wants more information but feels like they will get ‘sold’ if they call or come by.
  2. The prospect has fears or misunderstandings about what you do
  3. The prospect has no reason to believe you are any better than other options
  4. The prospect is drowning in a tidal wave of advertising every day and can easily forget your message

If for no other reason than #4, you need to have multiple ways to contact the prospect.  In marketing lingo these are referred to as “touches”.

You have experienced this before if you have ever had a magazine subscription.  Remember how many times they sent you a reminder to renew your subscription?  Often these start about the 8th month and continue at least 2 months after your renew date until you finally do it.

If they only sent you one, they know you would forget, put it off, etc.  So they keep the touches coming until they get you to respond.  At some point they will stop if you don’t order, and you can bet they have run tests to determine what that point is.

How Multi-Step Marketing Increases Your Profits

Lower the Barrier to Response – By using 2-step lead generation makes it much easier for interested prospects to respond by removing the “I’m have to talk to a salesperson” fear.  Listen, you know you don’t give people a high pressure sales pitch when they call your number… but THEY don’t know that.

It’s one of the things consumers hate the most.  They want more INFORMATION to make a decision… not a sales pitch.  So they won’t call.  If all you have is a phone number in your ads, you could be losing up to 80% of those interested in your services.

What can you do instead?  Provide them with detailed information to address their questions and concerns, and provide them with a way to leave you contact information so you can send them the information.  Anyone who will leave you a name & address is very interested.  In other words they are a Hot Prospect.

So by lowering the barrier to response way, way down for the first step, you capture the greatest number of leads possible – and leads have value.


No One Step Has To Do It All – multi-step allows you to ease the burden of any one step to do too much “heavy lifting.”  Another way to look at this is each step in your marketing funnel can have a focused purpose.

  • Your initial ad has the purpose to do lead generation only.
  • Your website has the purpose of collecting contact information (converting the person who read the ad into a LEAD).
  • Your free report/CD addresses their objections and positions you as an expert.
  • Your free consultation helps to close the sale 


Attract Clients vs Chasing Them – Multi-step allows the prospect to feel they are choosing you vs. being pursued/sold by you. This is HUGE.  Think of the girl in high school that all the guys wanted.  She didn’t have to do anything except choose who she wanted to date.  When you use multi-step marketing correctly, you too can pick and choose what clients you want to work with by positioning yourself as THE EXPERT.

You attract clients through your marketing instead of chasing after them like you are desperate for business.  Neediness is NEVER appealing, and unfortunately many Hypnotists come across as needy by using tactics like “sliding scale” or doing trades.

Positioning is extremely important and Multi-Step marketing provides you a proven method to position your self as the Expert.


You Can Create A Marketing SYSTEM! – The secret to marketing success lies in creating systems with a high ROI (Return On Investment).  You can automate a system either by using computer tools like Auto-responders or by documenting it and outsourcing the work.  Many business owners are finding stay-at-home moms to be a great addition to their marketing needs.

The point of a system is that you put the time in to build and test it, then you hand it off and focus your time on the next thing that will increase your profits.  Meanwhile, this system runs and makes you money.  Multiple systems mean multiple ways to make money in your business.  This is how you maximize your time and profits.


I hope this has you thinking about how you can implement this process.  This is the same kind of marketing I use for myself and my clients.


Coming in Part III – 18 Ways to get More Money out of Your Hypnotherapy Practice

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