How To Get Traffic To Your Hypnotherapy Website

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I am looking for ways to drive traffic to my hypnotherapy website. I have another website that carries hypnosis products, how do I get people to view these websites?

There are basically only three ways to drive traffic to a website. You buy it, your ‘borrow’ it, or you get it from what is known as Organic Search.

The fastest ways are to buy it using Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Thousand (CPM) advertising online. Buying traffic also includes placing ads offline to drive people online to your website.

Another fast way to get traffic is to borrow it by using someone else’s list. I say this is ‘borrowing’ but usually you have to do a Joint Venture (JV) deal where that person makes money from giving you access to their list.

Occasionally, when people who do podcasts or video need fresh content and will feature you if you have something useful for their list members, but most often getting access to someone’s existing list will cost you money. It should since they have spent a lot of time and money building the list and their relationship with the members of the list.

The slowest way to get traffic is by people finding from searching online. This is called Organic Search. It takes a long time to implement SEO strategies, Article Marketing strategies, and online Press Release strategies to work your way up into the search engines.

You do want to do this as a long term strategy, but if you need traffic NOW then you need to buy it and setup JV deals with people who have large lists of known buyers.

If you will be at the National Guild of Hypnotists Annual Convention this year, I’ll be teaching a course on how to use Google Adwords to get traffic for hypnosis websites.

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  • Thanks Craig: I have been a Hypnotist for 10 years but I struggle with getting clients. I have helped many people
    but I haven’t had much success with marketing. Tonight has helped me to start taking action again.
    In Appreciation Emmett Sylvester

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