How To Make A Video Go Viral

I don’t usually pass on ‘viral’ videos, but I absolutely love this one. And I’ve watched it ‘Again & Again’ as it’s amazingly well done, very clever, and has a very catchy tune.

Well done whomever did all the hard work.

And one more thing, it’s all done on a Mac. I’m pointing this out because in the world of marketing there is a mass movement to Mac as a computing platform because it gives you all the tools to do exactly this kind of video.

Enjoy the show!

Before you go, ask yourself what can you learn from this? And how could you apply it to your business.


1) Impressive Stats:

  • This video has been viewed 387,063 times
  • It has 1,063 comments
  • And has been rated by 2,625 people

All this in less than 5 days. This video was posted on May 9, 2008.

2) Call To Action!

Did you notice the ‘Call To Action’ in this video? If you have been paying attention to what I teach you know how important it is to have a call-to-action in your marketing.

This video does a fantastic job of using the call to action, all done through imagery, yet they show you EXACTLY how to buy this song, right down to how to click the buy-button.

Very clever people are behind this video. I would love to see how the sales of the song are doing. If anyone has that data email me or twitter me.

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