How To Market Your Hypnotherapy Practice With Little Or No Money

Most Burning Question: I am just starting out and have no money to market.  Advertising in the one newspaper is very expensive. Thank you for your information.

I understand how it is to not have much money to market.  And it’s also important you understand that marketing is essential to your business.

As far as business goes, you are not a hypnotist.  You are a marketer of hypnosis services.  This is a very important distinction.

You’ll need at least a little bit of money, if for nothing else than photocopies and business cards.

When you have little money and a lot of time, you’ll need to put that time to use in personally getting your message out.

Lot’s of people don’t like this option but it gets results.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Print up a business card and a flyer explaining about the truths and myths of hypnosis. Also what the benefits are. Make sure to have a paragraph about you and your services and how they can hire your services.

2. Get a small clip on badge with your name on it and the word ‘Hypnotist’ under it.  Or you could put ‘Hypnosis Expert’ or even your specialty ‘Weight Loss Expert’.

3. Take these materials and go out into your local community to meet people one-on-one and give it to them.  Start with all the businesses in a 1-mile radius.  Tell them you have opened a new practice, this is what you do for people, and can you leave your materials there.

This is mostly about getting to know them so they know about you.  Small businesses are most understanding about how hard it can be to get started one a shoestring budget.

4. Go out into the community and meet the people who live there.  You can go door-to-door and tell them the same thing. "Hi, I’m a hypnotist and I’ve just opened a new practice.  This is what I do.  Do you know of anyone who might benefit from my services?"

You can give them an introductory offer.  A free stress release session etc.  Leave them with a coupon or flyer with the offer.

Since women are a big target market for hypnotists, you’ll likely encounter a lot of stay at home mom’s so this is actually an effective way to reach qualified prospects.

5. Send Thank You cards to anyone who provides you a referral. No one does this so you’ll stand out and they will refer again.

6. Find local street fairs, business expos, flea markets etc. and set up a table.  Do 5 minute stress buster sessions as a demo. Be sure to collect contact info of anyone who expresses interest and follow up with at least 3 postcards or letters.

7. I’m not a huge fan of flyers, but when you don’t have money and you have time they can bring in clients.  Find everywhere that allows you to post flyers free and put them up.  Plaster the town or at least a 5 to 10 mile radius.  Coffee shops, bookstores, the library, etc.

Use bright colors like Yellow or Orange to make your flyer stand out.  Also a big bold headline like STOP SMOKING NOW – FIND OUT HOW or LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT DIETING.

Some cities have flyering services that will do this for you for about $50.  In my mind it’s worth the money since they know where they are allowed to put up flyers.

8. You can do like the nightclub people and put small postcard size flyers on cars at your local mall, workout gym, or grocery store.  You can also do this in your neighborhood.  Be sure not to do this when the cars are wet.

9. Give Talks!  Do a talk on the mental aspect of weight loss at local gyms or YMCA.  You can also check with any local hospital about doing talks on Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Pain Management Without Drugs.

Other places always looking for interesting talks are Kiwanis, Rotary, Lion’s Clubs  and other service organizations.  Also if you have a local college you can find student organizations who will sponsor a talk.

10. TRACK EVERYTHING!  You want to eliminate or change what isn’t working right away and spend your time on what is working.  Keep a spread sheet and track every single person that comes to you as to what they saw or who referred them to come to your office.

That should get you started and keep you busy.

When you start making money, check back with me.  I’m setting up coaching programs for professional hypnotists to help them at least double their cash flow in the next year.

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  • Great advice…I did everything you suggested and as I got clients I rolled the $$ into newspaper ads.I know have a thriving business in my small town.

    Two things I would like to Give Talks…go to your local hospital(which you mentioned of course) and find out what support groups they have…I did talks for the prostate cancer support group,parkinsons,womens cancer support and the diabetes education group.Since I teach HypnoBirthing I also spoke to the hospitals childbirth education class(now they have me back for each class series)

    Mothers Clubs have alway happy to have me come in and talk about stress reduction

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