How To Promote A Hypnosis Seminar

Most Burning Question:

Where’s are the best places to post an event to maximize attendance?

I’m planning an event that will benefit a ton of people. I’m needing help figuring out where to post it.

What are your ideas and thoughts about places and venues to promote this? Thanks!

You probably won’t like my answer, but it comes from doing things the hard way before I got smart and learned better.

“One of the hardest things to do in marketing is put butts in seats”
~ Bill Glazer GKIC

Here is the secret in a nutshell…

If you want to successfully get people to your event, promote it to your own list of prospects. OR, second to that, partner with people who have BIG lists and have them endorse you and your event to their list.

I have in the past busted my fanny to help people promoted events that did not have a list. It is brutally hard work.

I won’t take on any seminar marketing unless they have a big list to promote it to. I don’t care how much money they wave at me. The headaches aren’t worth it.

If you want to do workshops and seminars, build a list of hot prospects who have in interest in what you do. Build it to be at least 10 times the size of the event you want to have. (100 times larger or higher is better)

Give them good content, establish that you are the expert in your niche, build a relationship with them so they trust and believe you.

Months out start to tease them by sharing about your event giving them ‘behind the scenes’ stories. This builds anticipation and can be fun for both you and your readers.

Then start pitching the event with an early sign up discount. (Note: even if it is a free event, you still have to sell it, because FREE = no value until you show them there is a value).

Keep mixing in stories about the behind the scenes work to keep them excited so even if they registered, they will attend.

Other Tips:

Don’t just rely on Internet Marketing. Send a post card, fax, letter, etc. Conversion on the same marketing pieces used offline vs online is as much as 5x higher.

Use video so they get to know you and the other people involved in the event. Video allows people to feel connected to you. Email is much more sterile, hard to build a bond unless you are a great writer.

Take Away Action:

I’m guessing you don’t have your own list, so if I were you I would figure out everyone who does have a list of people who would enjoy/benefit from this event and work a JV deal to have them promote the event to their list.

One more thing… one of the other answers mentioned blogs. This can work for you if the person blogging has:

  1. Readers who fit the profile of your ideal prospect
  2. A large readership
  3. A good relationship with the readers

Certain bloggers have quite a bit of respect and authority with their readers, so if they say “you should go to X event” the readers will respond.

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  • This is a great entry Craig. I concur entirely. For years of my early career, I slaved in seemingly painful, tortuous manners to get seminars going through all kinds of useless, impotent media, advertising and marketing methods… I think I even ran my self-hypnosis to 4 people at one stage! It was soul destroying!

    These days, with a very large, loyal list of thousands and thousands, my courses, seminars and workshops fill with ease.

    I encounter many hypnotherapists starting out and wanting to run seminars straight away without any credibility of heir own, no standing, and certainly no list of regular readers or followers of their work and find it incredibly difficult to sell their seminar to a public hat theyhave no relationship with… It can begin to deflate many an enthusiastic beginner.

    Great blog today 🙂


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