How To Spot Hot Markets Online (Part 1)

Today we learned five resources for finding potentially hot markets.  This is the idea phase, the goal being to come up with a list of seven potential markets, that we will then research more deeply.

The five places we learned are like looking into the collective consciousness of the Internet. Which is really like looking at what’s going on on the planet. All in real time.  Pretty cool isn’t it.

#1 Ebay Pulse –

This tool shows you the most popular searches on Ebay.  Why Ebay? Because it’s where people pull out their wallets and buy things.

It’s important to ignore the most popular searches on the main page of Ebay Pulse, and instead burrow down into the categories.  The front page markets will be too big and way too competitive if you aren’t a very experienced marketer.

Here’s a snapshot of Ebay Pulse showing the Jewelry & Watches category:

Jewelery & Watches Category on Ebay Pulse

Key Point:
It’s where people buy stuff, so you can see what they WANT to spend money on.

#2 Technorati –

Technorati has a listing of the most popular blogs and blog searches on the Internet.  By going to the most popular page, you can see the Top Favorited Blogs:


Most Popular page on Technorati

You can also see the Top Searches and Top Blogs on this page, as shown below.

Top Blogs are a great resource for current trends

Key Point:  Blogs show what people are talking about and interested in.

More ‘hot market’ tools coming in Part II…

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