How To Spot Hot Markets Online (Part 2)

So let’s pick up where we left off…

First, if you want to get in on the fun, you can still join the 30 Day Challenge.  Just go the the website and sign up

#3 Google Groups –

Google has discussion groups where people can go and share information on common interests.  You can browse all group categories easily from this page.

Google Groups Directory

Look at topics to get ideas.  Be sure to check the activity level. High = more popular.  High activity is more important than groups with large numbers.

Activity & Member Count

Filter by high activity, then look for ideas for potential markets.  Below is an example of a market that might be good for some hypnotherapists.

Lots Of Activity Here!

Keep in mind, this is just idea shopping, you still have to test your ideas with solid research.

Key Point: These groups are what are people passionate about, and shows what their interests are.

#4 Google ‘Hot’ Trends –

This is a tool that we will be using quite a bit during the 30 Day Challenge.  It shows you all of the hot topics of any given day.

Google Trends July 31 2007

By using the date selection, you can track trends over time.  Let’s burrow into the ‘alien city in turkey’ link and see what that’s all about…

View #1 of Alien City In Turkey

This is only part of the screen, showing the degree of ‘hotness’, when it peaked, and related searches.  Below is the other part of this page, showing the search traffic graph and some related news and blog entries.

Traffic Graph From Google Trends

Again, the point here is to get ideas of hot markets.  Not products… just the markets.  Later we will do research using the ideas and have the market tell us what exactly it wants.
Key Point:
  These are the most looked for types of information right now.  This is what people WANT to know more about.Coming in Part III… two ‘buzz’ tools at Yahoo.

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