How to use the Wall Street Journal article on Medical Hypnosis in your marketing


Gotta a huge response back. Lots of questions on how to use the Wall Street Journal article on Medical Hypnosis. WSJ Cover

Unfortunately I was off-the-grid running my Business Mastermind group. (Got some KILLER new ideas… more on that another time)

So I’m going to tackle the questions now.

You asked for ideas on how to use the WSJ article in your marketing.

Hold on to your hat, cause I got a TON of em!

Let’s dive right in…

*** From David A. in California

Thanks for this article.

How can I best utilize this info? I can offer help for IBS now and I’m brushing up on my pain management skills.

>>> My comments:

Using this article specifically for these Niche specialities is a smart idea. Here are some ways you can do it:

Use snippets from the article in multiple emails sent out to both prospects and existing clients.

For prospects, use the parts of the article that are tied into the problem they are looking to solve. The article mentions both Pain Management and IBS research studies, so for you this is perfect.

For past clients the article gives you are “reason why” to be writing about those things (IBS, Pain Management, etc.), and you can ask them if they happen to know anyone with these problems, and to refer them.

And you should definitely use the names of people in the articles to look up their actual research papers. Get the abstracts and give these to doctors when you go after medical referrals. (Credit to Melissa Roth for this idea)

*** From Nicky C. in the UK

Thanks for a great email. You said to get in touch for ideas on how to use the article. I’ve tweeted it. What else can I do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated:)

And another similar question…

*** From Miriam G. In New York

Thanks Craig. Have sent this out and posted on LinkedIn so far.

Would love more ideas.

>>> My comments:

First thing, good job to both of you for TAKING ACTION immediately!

Here’s some other ideas for using the article in your marketing:

  • Send it to prospective new clients in email.
  • Put article in a binder in your waiting room, along with other articles about hypnosis and printed testimonials
  • Frame the top part and put it on the wall of your waiting room/office.
  • Send out in your “new client welcome package” which they get BEFORE first session.
  • Write an article on your blog and reference the article
  • Have a section of your website called “hypnosis in the news” and link to the article with a screen shot of the Headline.
  • Reuse these writings in other places such as Article directories, local publications, Tumbler blog etc.
  • Create a video out of one of the articles or emails you write and put it on YouTube.
  • Write more emails pointing people at the video
  • Pitch a story idea to local news outlets referring to the article and offering to provide professional comments about hypnosis.
  • Print it out and send it to your personal doctor, dentist, physical therapist, massage therapist etc. These folks can be great referral sources (See How To Build An All Referral Practice for more about referral sources)


Or you could do some Publicity Marketing like Mark…

*** Mark J. in Texas

Hi Craig,

Thanks for sending this, it smells like another Press Release opportunity… I got a TON of exposure after Paul McKenna appeared on Dr Oz… my 2 online PRs are my most popular ever, and last time I looked they were at or near the top in google…

Now we have another opportunity for online and local PR…

>>> My comments:

Awesome! Seize the opportunity.

I’m a big fan of using Publicity in your marketing, which is why I created the program How To Use Free Publicity To Get More Clients.

*** From Linda D. in Massachusetts

Hi Craig,

That’s a great article!

One question regarding how it concludes — In your opinion, what is the best way to handle the article’s advice to be leery of “lay hypnotists” and only seek out a state licensed medical or mental health professional who is trained in hypnosis. Every great article or book seems to caution people in this way — and yet we often have far more training in hypnosis than those who are licensed to practice medicine. Frustrates me.

But from a marketing stand point, what would you suggest is the best way to address that part of the article?

And James also has concerns…

*** From James H. in Texas

I’m totally with you on the fact that this article is a good thing and that we can use it by extracting certain quotations from it.

However, I suspect most of your audience is non-licensed, and the article quotes unnamed experts as warning that clients are safer going to licensed health-care professionals.

Any thoughts on this?



And also Zack…

*** From Zack R. in Canada

How do you suggest that those who are not medical doctors or licensed psychologists use this article in promotion of their business? As this article is clearly advising one to only seek the help of someone who is licensed.



>>> My answer:

Most people don’t care much about licenses and certificates.

What they care about is “can YOU solve my problem???”

Scott Sandland works in dental offices, rehabilitation clinics and gives lectures at the University of California Irvine Medical School.

Scott is booked solid and has a 6-figure practice. To my knowledge no one has challenged him on not being a licensed medical professional.

Besides your average human won’t bother to read the whole article. Most won’t read it at all, but the fact that it EXISTS is proof enough for them.

If you’re really panicked about this kind of thing, just get copies of the research studies cited in the article and use those.

My karate Sensei likes to say “People worry too much about stuff.” What he means is focus on what’s important and what you can control.

This is sage advice.

*** From Marc. C. in New York

Thanks for the tips.

I’d love to pick your brain with with the “how” of using this proof.


>>> My answer:

The best way to ‘pick my brain’ is to hire me for a business consultation.

Marc actually knows this already, because he did it a few years ago when the economy tanked.

And to his credit, he took MASSIVE action. Which is why he’s doing well even in this crappy economy.

I’ve listed over a dozen ideas today. I know Marc will use at least half of them right away.

What will you do?

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