Hypnosis Marketing Podcast #3: How To Get Up To 20 Times More Response With Your Advertising

In this Hypnosis Marketing Tips podcast, I challenge some commonly held myths about modern marketing methods. In particular using the Internet, and explain how expert entrepreneurs in many other markets are getting up to 20 times more response from their advertising.

This was fresh on my mind after spending almost 10 days with some of the top marketing minds and most successful enterprenuers in the world at back to back conferences in Chicago.

Pay attention, and remember this key point… It’s not what you spend, it’s the return on investment you get!

Remember you can listen to the podcast right here on my blog or you can download it and listen on your Ipod or favorite MP3 player.




  • Hi Craig,

    I just want to personally thank you for sharing all of this valuable information. You have become a great source for helping all hypnotists everwhere to build their businesses, and as a result you are helping to build the profession. And, when you do that you are enabling us to help so many people around the world who really need our services.

    Cal Banyan

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