Hypnosis Referral Systems And Lead Generation

Thank you for your explanation of 2 step lead generation. I had a eureka moment a day after watching your vid and already began implementing. I’m offering a free hypnosis relaxation download => $10 specific hypnotic downloads => a $97 hypnosis program that is FREE when they sign up with me for hypnotherapy sessions.

My question is, is a referral system in any way different than this funnel?

It’s similar in concept.  But you need to have a way to encourage people to refer.

And even referral is tricky because it can mean so many things.

  • professional referral (like a massage therapist)
  • medical referral (Doctor sends a patient for stop smoking)
  • former hypnosis client referral
  • online referral from a review (like Yelp.com)
  • networking group referral (like Chamber of Commerce)

Each of these referrals starts in a very different place, and for different reasons.

But the one thing in common is, it’s essentially “word of mouth” that brings the new clients in.

So you need to think… how can I stimulate these kind of word of mouth referrals?

And what is their next step in my marketing process?  It might be that you want to test the same sequence you already have.  Then again, you might want to have a referred client come in for a face-to-face free evaluation.

When you get all that working, you have a referral system which should mostly run on auto-pilot.

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