Hypnosis: The New Secret Weapon For Fortune 500 Companies

Hypnosis is increasingly being used by Fortune 500 companies as part of their Focus Group research methods. This is a new niche market for hypnotists, and is even more evidence that hypnosis is becoming recognized by the business world as having real value.


Last week in the online magazine BrandWeek.com, there was an extensive article about how major companies are using hypnotists to get more accurate and ‘deeper emotional’ information from their focus groups.

From the article:

Focus group hypnosis is increasingly becoming a "secret weapon" for Fortune 500 companies and ad agencies alike, said Susan Spiegel Solovay, owner of Brandvisioning, New York. A former Grey exec, Solovay has been hosting such groups for a decade. Her clients include about dozen brands including blue-chip beer, soda and telecom companies as well as 20 different agencies.

According to the article there are those who are still skeptical, but the important thing to note is that more and more very big companies are looking to use hypnotists as part of their research.

What this means is, there will be big money going out to hypnotists who get involved in this area. Don’t believe me, read this excerpt on what they are paying for focus groups:

Four sessions cost about the same as a typical round of focus groups ($50,000-75,000).

Now, when is the last time you got paid $50,000 or more?

If this has peeked your interest, read the full article at the link below. It provides some names of businesses and people involved. I would start by contacting them to find out how to get in on this.


Research: Hypnosis Brings Groups Into Focus

Behind-the-scenes hypnotists help get to the bottom of brands.



I discovered two websites of companies who are providing hypnosis focus group services.  They are worth checking out.

  1. www.HypnosisFocusGroups.com – The name says it all.  The have smartly niched this service, maybe they have been reading this blog.  And they were first to grab the domain name, which will bring them loads of traffic when people starting searching for "hypnosis focus groups"  on Google.

    If you read their site, they explain in simple english why hypnosis in focus groups works so well, and thus the benefit for the prospect reading it.  Finally they once again show their marketing savvy by offering a free DVD demonstrating how the technique works.   Give these guys an A+ for their marketing.

  2. www.BrandVisioning.com – They appear to be an already established business in the brand industry, that has jumped on the hypnosis focus group bandwagon. 

    They have tried to be clever and rename it "Whole Mind Ideation".  This may work against them.  It’s so much easier to offer what your prospect is already looking for, than to have to explain that Whole Mind Ideation is actually a Hypnosis Focus Group.


If working in the corporate market intrests you, contact these two businesses and strike up a conversation with them.  Maybe they will even hire you.  Even if they don’t, you’ll learn about the business.

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