Hypnosis Marketing Podcast #1: Foundations of Direct Response Marketing

Well I finally did it! I put together the first podcast on Hypnotherapy Marketing. It’s a long one at nearly 40 minutes, but it’s worth it.

This podcast focuses on the Foundations of Direct Marketing, and 5 Key Principles of Direct Response Marketing you absolutlely need to understand to thrive in your hypnosis practice.

There are 3 ways you can get it:

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  3. You can play it right from my blog using the built in player below

Remember you can listen to the podcast right here on my blog or you can download it and listen on your Ipod or favorite MP3 player.


Click play to listen now:

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Or you can download the MP3 file here:

Key Principles of Direct Response Marketing (16 MB) (Right click to download)


  • Craig obviously has an intimate knowledge of marketing. His blogs and posts are an example of this knowledge in practice. Priceless.

    However, in today’s podcast Craig speaks so slowly, is so relaxed, that I found myself falling asleep. So Craig, my comment is: either liven up the spoken presentations or stick to print. Your information is so valuable to hypnotherapists that it deserves a wide audience. A wide-awake audience.

  • Great job! Valuable, vauable information. Agree with B Knight’s comment about the pace–here’s a tip for listeners: Using Windows Media Play under the “Play” tab (classic menu) you can choose play speed and speed it up.

  • Your podcast was excellent – can you do one a day? I like to listen to ‘information’ on my mp3 every night before dozing off to sleep.

    10 out of 10!


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