Hypnotherapy Prospect Questions & Your Website

I’ve heard the four questions people will ask themselves when they get to a hypnotherapy website are:

  1. What are you selling?
  2. How much?
  3. Why should I believe you?
  4. What’s in it for me?

 While it’s true that people ask these questions in their mind (and quite a few more), it really has to do with where in the buying process they are and how well a job you have done with positioning yourself.

Let’s look at each of the questions one-by-one…

Prospect Question #1: "What Are You Selling?"

While it is true that a prospect may ask this question for a lead-generation piece, it only applies to a lead-gen piece.  And usually a lead-gen piece directs people to a website as a next step in the marketing funnel.

If they are asking this question when they get to your website or on the phone… you haven’t done your job of POSITIONING yourself and Pre-Qualifying the prospect.

By the time they get to your website, they should at least have an idea you offer them a solution to a problem they have.  Your website then takes over and leads them to the inescapable conclusion that you are the person they want to solve that problem.

And it should provide a risk-free next step for them.

Prospect Question #2: "How Much?"

If your prospects are asking this question, they see you as a commodity. You know, like buying a DVD player.  You price shop.

When you position yourself correctly the question they will ask is "can I afford this?" or "How can I find the money to pay?"

If you really do a good job, they will just ask "where do I sign up?" and worry about paying for it later.

One more thing, when you have positioned yourself as the expert, it should be one of the last question they ask.

The exception is for commodity items, because price is the ONLY discriminating factor for a commodity. NEVER be a commodity!!!

Prospect Question #3: "Why should I believe you?"

This is one of the most important questions, and should ALWAYS be answered.

Our modern society has taught us all to be extremely skeptical.  We get lied to by politicians, corporations, non-profits, and even the churches.  And of course there are new scams everyday on the Internet.

Building TRUST should be a top priority of all your marketing materials.  You can never do enough to build trust.

Prospect Question #4: "What’s in it for me?"

From the headline to the close, this is the overall theme your marketing should have.

Always answer the What’s In It For Me question.  Answer in terms of benefits. Think of a benefit in this way…. "how will this impact the life of my prospective client?"

Never sell hypnosis! Sell a solution to a problem, and make the communication with your prospect personal.


Some Quick & Dirty Examples

A fictional example of BAD website copy (typical boring ‘business card’ web copy):


Jim’s Hypnosis Healing Energy Center

Jim is a certified hypnotist, member of NGH, IACT, IMDHA, ABH, NLP, and a hypnosis trainer.

Jim does sessions on weight loss, phobias, bed wetting, cat allergies, fear of flying, nail biting, and can improve your golf score.

Jim loves to do hypnosis and can help you be a better you everyday.

Contact Jim at
789 Main Street
Some town IN, 33333


A Better Way: (niche focused copy using AIDA formula to attract only smokers)

Find Out How These Two 20-Year 4-Pack-A-Day Smokers
Eliminated Their Desire To Smoke In Just 9 Days!

Dear Smoker,

If you’re tired of smoking, ready to kick-the-habit, and frustrated at your lack of success with nicotine patches, cold turkey smoke outs, and advice from non-smokers that is just short of useless… then you’ll want to read every word of this message.

Here’s why…

[body copy with compelling story, testimonials with photos & full names, facts supporting claims, dealing with objections, etc.]

For your free stop smoking in 9 days consultation, call now at 123-4567


Note that the above still does not sell the service, it only sells the prospect on a no-risk next step, which is a free consultation.

When dealing with scepticism, offering a no obligation next step or sample of what you do can be a powerful way to build trust.


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