Hypnothoughts.com Nearing 1000 Members!

Hypnothoughts.com has grown from zero to almost 1000 members and it’s not even a year old yet.

Some of the most prominent names in Hypnotherapy have joined and contribute to the combined knowledge of both therapuetic and stage hypnosis, as well as practice building, marketing, and fun topics like how to have a home hypnosis party.

If you click on the blue banner with my photo on it, you’ll be taken to My Page on hypnothoughts.com. Each member gets their own page, complete with a blog.

You can also start topics in the forums, join a group like Internet Marketing, or start your own group such as San Francisco members.

It’s a full Web 2.0 Social Media Community just for Professional Hypnotists and those who would like to learn more about hypnosis or the hypnosis business.

All of this is provided for FREE!

And if you are the lucky person who becomes member number 1000, you’ll be given a set of DVD’s on Stage Hypnosis by Mr. Hypnosis, Richard Rumble.

Just click on the blue banner below and sign up today.

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