Instantly Increase Hypnosis Website Sales Up To 45 Percent

This change is so simple you might not believe it. And of course I always encourage you to test to make sure it will work for you, nothing works for everyone. It will take you about 10 minutes to make the change.

Take a look at this image. The buttons look virtually the same don’t they? But notice the one difference.

This little change to the button has been tested to yield an increase in sales ranging from 18% to a mind boggling 45%!!!

After I thought about it, this makes sense. Gary Halbert always told the prospective buyer exactly what to do to buy the product or service he was promoting. In fact he would spell it out in very specific detail, leaving nothing to chance. As Halbert said “don’t assume anything”.

By putting the pointer on the buy button, you are visually doing the same thing as Halbert did in words in his sales letters. You are showing the prospect exactly what they need to do to complete the sale.

Now, go change your buy buttons and make some more sales!


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