Keywords and SEO for Hypnosis Websites (part II)

I know you say Hypnotists shouldn’t do SEO. Is it still good for hypnotists to learn how to make their page have the basic elements to get good organic search engine placement?

Excellent question. And I realize I wasn’t clear on this with my last post (Keywords and SEO for Hypnosis Websites part I)


I’m not saying be ignorant of SEO. As a business owner it is yet one more thing you need to understand at least at a meta-level.

And if you write articles it is smart to know how to use keywords in the title (the headline), the body, for images, and link tags. It’s smart Internet marketing.


My advice is this: You don’t need to know the technical issues of SEO because they change constantly. Learn the basics so you can use it when you write CONTENT, and so you can speak with web developers, but do NOT spend hours of time on it.

Here’s why:

80% of people who search on a term click on results on the first page of search (10 total results)

17% click on the second page of results

3% click on page three or lower

So the cold hard reality is, only the front page of search really matters. And it is VERY DIFFICULT to get on the first page, even for long tail keywords unless you really know what you are doing and bust your ass for a period of time to get there.

This is something you can OUTSOURCE.


But, if you put that same energy into:

  • Writing press releases and faxing them to local media
  • Speaking at targeted gatherings in your local area
  • Write articles to ATTRACT clients to you and submit them to local media and online article sites
  • Build a list of local addresses and sent out a monthly newsletter
  • Find local businesses that serve the same clientèle and did a JV deal with them
  • Learned how to approach doctors, hospitals, and dentists and set up client referrals

As a hypnotist, you would get much more business FASTER, than you could mucking around learning all there is to know about SEO and tinkering with your website.


Plus, if you learn how to use Google Adwords, you can quickly have an ad on the front page of search for any keyword you wish to use. And Google Ads can be set to show only in the local metro area which makes them extremely cost effective for local business.

If you are going to invest your time into getting on the front page, use Adwords and you can be there today. Literally 20 minutes from when you open the account.

Two good books on adwords you can get at are

“Adwords for Dummies” by Howie Jacobson
“Ultimate Guide To Google Adwords” by Perry Marshall


Gary Halbert had a philosophy which I have realized all highly successful business people have. He said

“I will always spend money to save time”

He pointed out that most unsuccessful people have the philosophy I will spend as much time as possible to save money. He said, “you can always make more money, but the time is gone forever”

Takeaway Points:

  • SEO is constantly changing but there are some basics that do not change
  • Learn enough to know what you need, pay a professional to do it for you
  • Focus your time on what makes you the most income

Useful Resources:

How to write keyword optimized articles:

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