Marketing Lesson From A 4’10” Karate Badass

He was small, frail and had bad eyesight.

Yet he never refused a challenge or lost a fight.

His name was Chotoku Kyan.

Or as the Okinawans knew him, by the nickname of Chan Migwa (“small eyed”) due to his small eyes and poor vision.

He looked more like a retiring scholar than a karate master (see photo). Yet he was known as a Bujin, meaning warrior.

He stood barely 4′ 10″ yet was a giant of the Okinawan karate world.

Because he mastered delivering devastating blows in spite of his small frame.

His secret?

“Maximum efficiency with minimum effort”

I know this lesson because my Sensei would repeat this often when were at the yearly Black Belt training camps.

I was recently digitizing the old 8mm video tapes from one of the 1990’s camps. When I heard my teacher say this… a light bulb went off in my head.

Maximum efficiency with minimum effort should also be applied when marketing your business.

Because a small business can’t afford waste.

Can’t waste time.

Can’t waste your money.

And those are your two top resources to meet business challenges.

A tool I like to use is the 80/20 rule.

In a nutshell it goes like this, ask yourself this question…

What is the 20% of my marketing that brings in 80% of my clients?

Or fills 80% of my classes?

Or sells 80% of my products?

It’s all based some crazy way nature works. Discovered by an Italian named Pareto

But here’s the thing… when you start asking this question you’ll discover that indeed approximately 80% of your clients are coming from approximately 20% of what you do in marketing.

When you find that 20% focus your effort there.  Drop what’s not working!

Be ruthless with your time.

Like Master Kyan would say…

Maximum Efficiency with Minimum Effort!

Which for you means, get more clients with less work.

Then you have more quality time to spend with your clients, your family & for yourself.

If you’d like to learn more about the 80/20 rule as it applies to business grab a copy of my friend Perry Marshall’s excellent book.

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