Milton Erickson Video – Explorer In Hypnosis And Therapy

This was posted to a hypnotherapy list I am a member of. It’s a wonderful video about Milton Erickson, his life, his amazing hypnosis skills, and the people he had an impact on.

It has rare footage on Milton in action, including many demonstrations of him working with clients.

So why am I posting this on this site which is focused on marketing?


Milton’s story is very inspiring in that he overcame polio, coming from a poor family, and a lifetime of living in pain to become a world wide recognized expert in hypnosis and therapy. If this doesn’t motivate you to go out and give your gifts to the people in this world who need it… then I don’t know what will.

A big part of being successful in business is belief that you can. After watching what Erickson had to go through, you will be amazed and inspired.

This video also shows it’s possible to become world famous and very successful as a hypnotist, even when most people still don’t have a good idea what hypnosis is.

Enjoy this video, and send the link to anyone else you think would like to see it.

Milton H. Erickson – Wizard of the Desert

From the Milton Erickson Foundation (


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