More Reasons Why Hypnotists Should Use Direct Mail

Direct Mail Rocks!  If you’ve heard me at a seminar or been in on one of my coaching sessions, you’ve heard me say this before.  And you’ll hear me say it over and over again.

Direct Mail Rocks!

Here’s more reasons why YOU should be using direct mail as part of your marketing.

A recent survey by International Communications Research showed an overwhelming preference by consumers to get offers by direct mail.

In fact, 73% of respondents said they prefer receiving new product announcements by mail. A puny 18% said they prefer receiving new product announcements by email.

That is a HUGE difference!  And of course, that assumes your email makes it to their inbox.  You can always count on your postal mail getting there as long as you have the correct address.

Here’s another significant number… 86% said they prefer direct mail for official correspondance from a business as opposed to only 10% preffering email.

Are you getting the message here?  People actually LIKE getting real mail.  Even when it’s an unsolicited offer.

Email is not only unreliable, people are fed up and sick of spam.  So if you’re message even remotely appears to be spam, it’s deleted in the blink of an eye.

Direct Mail Rocks!

You can read more on the survey here:

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