New Forum For Professional Hypnotists

There is a new forum for Hypnosis Professionals and it is rapidly turning into THE place to be to exchange what works and what doesn’t with other full time hypnotists.

It’s called The Online Hypnosis Community. There are almost 300 members as of this writing, and every day more people are joining.

The forum was started by Scott Sandland of Goal Oriented Hypnotherapy as a way  to get serious hypnotists together to share ideas on how to improve their businesses and advance the profession.

There is absolutely NO COST to be a member, and you get access to the forums, your own home page, your own blog, and you can even form your own group on a niche topic or for hypnotists in your area.

Recent forum topics include:

  • Prescription Drug Addiction / Detox
  • Hypnosis Marketing Techniques
  • World Hypnotism Day
  • The Open Minded Hypnotist
  • Hypnosis And Birthing
  • How to "Close" a Potential New Client
  • Pain Management Strategies That Work

You also might recognize the names of some of the active members such as:

  • Brian David Phillips
  • Mark Cunningham
  • Wendi Friesen
  • Mellisa Roth
  • Norann – The World’s Fastest Female Hypnotist
  • Tom Vizzini

This is a fantastic resource for anyone serious about being a professional Hypnotist!  I highly recommend you join it now.

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