New Free Tool To Lookup Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Keywords

If you have been trying to do  any keyword research lately for website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or for buying Pay Per Click ads (PPC) on Google, you might have noticed how unreliable the Overture Keyword Tool has become.

The Overture Keyword Tool

There are rumors that it will soon be taken down by it’s new owner, Yahoo. You see, Yahoo has it’s own PPC advertising system, but many people don’t know about it, or use it, because Google has become the 900 pound gorilla of search marketing.  Google has somewhere near 60% of all search traffic world wide, Yahoo is around 25% at best.

Personally, I think it’s the wrong move on their part.  Instead Yahoo should leverage the enormous amount of traffic the Overture keyword tool gets to encourage people to use their PPC system.  A no brainer would be to offer videos on how to use their system, and a $100 worth of free advertiing for giving the system a try.

But, that’s their call.  There’s a reason Yahoo got left in the dust by Google.

So what if the Overture keyword tool disapears?   Not to worry.  The good folks at Wordtracker, one of the best keyword research applications on the Internet, have created their own free keyword tool.  You see, they get the value of giving people a little taste of what you offer to get new long term customers ( you knew there had to be a lesson here).

In fact, you might not have ever heard of Wordtracker before today, or if you test out their keyword tool, it might be the first time you’ve ever been on the wordtracker website.

And, they are getting free publicity from word of mouth from people like me.  That’s Viral Marketing at it’s finest.

It’s Smart Marketing anyway you look at it.

And it’s a great resource for you.  I suggest you go and play with it.  You’ll not only learn about marketing your Hypnosis business on the Internet, you’ll learn some things about what your people are looking when it comes to hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Here’s a sample of the keywords returned for Hypnotherapy:

Sample Listing For Searches With Key Word “Hypnotherapy”

Go test out the free keyword tool using the link below, and be sure you bookmark it for when you need to do some serious research for your hypnosis products and services.

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