Niche Markets In The Air

It’s really bad.

A murky haze has engulfed Beijing China.

When measured by the USA Air Quality Index, it’s at the top of the scale and in the range designated as ‘hazardous’.

It’s so thick they have at times closed the Beijing Airport

Shanghai, Guangzhou and several other Chinese cities are also said to suffer from poor air quality.

I feel bad for the people who live there. Take a look at this…



And as you might imagine, these folks are looking for solutions to the problem.

They don’t want to breath the dirty air.

This has led to a run on wrap around face masks. ABC news reports that “Masks have become the new fashion on Beijing’s streets”.

There are more than 100,000 masks being sold every day this month in Beijing alone.

The number of online searches for the word “mask” has jumped by 5,304.3 percent compared to last month, according to figures released by Taobao, the biggest online shopping site in China.

Hot niche market #1.

Now you might think it is wrong to capitalize on such a bad situation, but mask vendors are providing a solution. A way to reduce exposure to the particles in the dirty air.

The dirty air has already led to a sharp rise in respiratory problems such as bronchitis and asthma.

And it has led to people searching for clean air.

Enter hot niche market #2.

Chinese entrepreneur, Chen Guangbiao, is selling fresh air in soft drinks cans, similar to bottled drinking water. Each can is sold for 5RMB or about 80 cents.

As you can see below, it comes in flavors like “Pristine Tibet” and “Post-industrial Taiwan.”


Don’t know if these are selling well or not, but it’s a smart bet while the smog continues to sit on Beijing.

There is a valuable marketing lesson here. Which is…

If you pay attention, you can spot problems that need to be solved and by appealing directly to the niche — you can help people and help your business.

It’s a Win-Win!

Richard Nongard goes into depth about this important business lesson in my program Niche Down & Get Rich, and how you can apply it to your Hypnosis business.

Meanwhile, I’d put off any trips to Beijing until the smog blows away.

Niche Marketing is the best way to become instantly recognized as the ‘Go-To Expert’ in your area!

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