28% Seek Health Answers Here (Will They Find You?)

Are you in the world’s #2 search engine?

If you don’t know, you’ll want to read this now.

Because there’s a trend that you as a health industry professional need to pay attention to.

In fact, I’d go as far to say it would be perilous to ignore this!

Got your attention?


Here’s the trend…

According to National Research, a health care data firm, a recent survey of 23,000 consumers turned up this fascinating tidbit.

28% of those surveyed search out health information on youtube!

So if you don’t have videos on YouTube, you are missing out big time.

And here’s something you may not realize about YouTube.

It’s the #2 Search Engine in the world!

Which is why Google (the #1 search engine) bought them.

And because Google bought YouTube, they include videos with relevant keywords in the top of search results.

So a YouTube video gets you access to the 28% of people searching for health info on YouTube.


Gets you on the front page of search results in Google.

Which is why I say you’d have to be crazy to not take advantage of this totally free method of marketing.

If you’ve never made your own videos and you’d like some instruction, check out the Video Training Academy.

These guys are some of the best when it comes to creating videos for YouTube.

They have a free video about using video to market your business on YouTube so you can learn about why it’s important and how they can help you.

I liked it so much I bought their program.

Watch the free video

Video Traffic Academy screenshot

It’s awesome. If you want to learn how to use video I give it two thumbs up!

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