People Will Do Anything For $5 (Almost)

Today I’m going to share something amazing.

You might not believe it at first.

I know I didn’t.

But what I’m going to share with you is now one of my top business time-saving resources.

Frankly, it’s the BEST DEAL on the Internet, yet it’s one of the best kept secrets.

I’m constantly surprised by how many people don’t know about this resource.

Have I got you curious yet?


Here’s what this is all about…

I know a place where you can get people to do (almost) ANYTHING for five bucks!

Ever wished you had someone to make you a logo?

Done… $5.

Ever wished you had music for your Hypnosis CD’s?

Done… $5.

Ever want someone to write an article for you?

You guessed it… $5!

It is amazing what skilled people will do for only $5.

Here are just some of the categories you can find help for:

Music & Audio

The list goes on.

Now, not all listings are top quality work, so my strategy is to pick three different people based on reviews and give them the same task.

I call it a “bake off”.

For $15 I get three choices.

This saves me hours of agony for things like graphics which would take me hours and look amateurish at best.

I used this service to create a cover for the program “How To Get Doctors To Refer You Hypnosis Clients”.

Check it out…

MD referrals cover

One more thing, usually the work is done in 3-5 days. So you get fast turnaround.

So where is this goldmine?

Surf over to Fiverr at

Scan the listings and think of all the tasks you can offload for only $5.

The most valuable resource we entrepreneurs have is our time.  This is an amazingly low cost way to free up some of yours.

Then you can focus on what you do best.

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