Planning Your World Hypnotism Day Event

At the time this was posted, there are 32 days left until the Fifth Annual World Hypnotism Day. (Sunday January 4, 2009)

This is the one day of the year devoted to bringing as much attention to the benefits of hypnosis as possible.

And this is a GOLDEN opportunity for you to jump start your business in 2009.

World Hypnotism Day events have been very successful for hypnotists in past years

  • Debbie Lane (Palm Harbor FL) booked 7 appointments on the spot the day of her event, and received over 100 calls in the following 6 months from people who had attended her WHD event.  90 of those became clients!
  • Scott Cooper (Detroit MI) had over 65 people at his event in 2008, got exposure in four local papers and a plug on Detroit radio station WRIF.
  • Seth-Deborah Roth (Castro Valley CA) booked over $10,000 in business from her event in 2007.

You too can have this kind of success, but to make it happen you have to participate and have an event of some kind.

In other words… take action!

Now, before you begin to worry because this all seems overwhelming, I’ve got some good news for you…

I’ve been asked by Tom Nicoli the founder of World Hypnotism Day to lead the Marketing Committee.  This means I’ll be providing resources, guidance, and answering questions to help hypnotists (like you) put and have an awesome event.

Sign Up For World Hypnotism Day FREE Resources

First thing… sign up at the World Hypnotism Day site to get access to the WHD resources already available.

Go to the WHD members area and enter your name and email address. Then a username and password will be sent to you. Use this link to get there:

32 Days Till World Hypnotism Day!

So, what should you do next? Good question. But before we address it, you need to do something much more important first… you need to know your PURPOSE for having an event on WHD!

The purpose will give you focus, motivation, and keep you from getting sidetracked. Too many times, action is taken without a purpose. Or worse, no action is taken because without a clear focus from knowing your purpose, you don’t know what to do next.

Suggested Outcomes For Your WHD Event

Here are some I suggest would be useful to you:

LEAD GENERATION – use your WHD event, and all the related promotions to BUILD A LIST of interested prospects.  This way, even if you don’t make any sales that day… you’ll have a hot list to follow up with.

GET FREE PUBLICITY – WHD is a very news worthy event. Hypnosis ALWAYS makes for a great human interest story because people are fascinated with it, and the New Year is a great time for change-your-life stories.

My point: if you can’t get a story for WHD you are doing something wrong.  It’s like getting cats to eat tuna fish… all you need to do is open the can.

People who have followed the publicity methods I’ve taught in the past have had full front page articles, radio interviews, and even feature stories on the nightly news done about them and their events.

– At the very least, you should come away with your community recognizing you as an expert in hypnosis.  With a little thought and planning, you can become recognized as…

  • pain management expert
  • stress relief expert
  • stop smoking specialist
  • weight loss specialist
  • motivational guru
  • golf game improvement genius

The idea here is to FIRMLY establish in the minds of others that when you need help with ____________________ YOU are the ‘go-to’ person.

This requires you be clear on what Niche you want to dominate in your area.

You can also position yourself as the local hotshot in your niche

“San Francisco’s Stop Smoking King”

Note: for more on positioning watch this video:

Now, the purpose you choose for your WHD event should be one that is right for you.  I’m just trying to prime your pump a little with ideas.

Getting Underway – 5 Phases of Planning

With only 32 days left, you need to get moving. And we all now the upcoming holiday season can be disruptive, so you need to have a plan in place… NOW!

Here are the 5 Phases of Planning to get you in action:

  1. Define your purpose & principles
  2. Outcome visioning
  3. Brainstorming
  4. Organizing
  5. Identify NEXT ACTION(S)!

Note: These are from the book Getting Things Done by Robert Allen. I highly recommend this book. As a hypnotist you’ll enjoy his discussions of freeing up the subconscious mind from open loops.

Except for my pep-talk on Purpose, I’m not going into depth on these phases. They should be fairly obvious, and as a hypnotist you already are an expert at visioning a successful outcome. You have your clients do it all the time.

Probably the hardest part is the organizing and identifying the next action, but it doesn’t need to be that way.

By referring back to your Purpose, it will keep you on track with organizing and the next step for each piece. Also think of priority and sequence when organizing.

Right now your next step is to sit down today and PLAN, and come up with a set of NEXT actions… then do at least one, and have some ready for tomorrow.

Mind Mapping

One more thing, a tool I find to be essential to BRAINSTORMING and ORGANIZING is using a mind map.

Mind maps are a form of visual thinking. There is software to do it, but a pencil and piece of paper work just fine. Also a white board is an awesome tool.

You can learn more about mind maps here:

Video: Tony Buzan on Mind Mapping

Article: How to make a mind map


– WHD is world wide event designed to promote the profession of hypnosis and all it’s benefits

– An event is the best way to take advantage of WHD

– You need to start NOW to maximize the success of your event

– Before you take action, know what your desired outcome (purpose) for your event is

– Plan now so you know what your next ACTION STEPS are.

– You have 32 days left, do at least one thing TODAY!

That should get your wheels turning!



P.S. Be sure you sign up at the World Hypnotism Day website and take a look at the materials there for ideas.

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