Press Release Opportunity: The Hypnosis Bandit Strikes Again!

There is a story going around the world now about a robber in Italy who supposedly used hypnosis to steal over 700 Euros in cash, in plain view of the grocery clerk who was ringing up his order.  And she didn’t remeber it even happening.

This is a great chance to become a spokesperson for Hypnosis. Explain to the world how hypnosis really works, and that this robbery was NOT hypnosis and how to protect yourself against any covert hypnosis against your will.

Come up with a ‘hook’ that will help the media create a killer story. Have fun with it, and remember controversy sells, especially with news media.

Read the story of the bandit and watch the video below to see how he did it. Then craft your press release based on what I have taught you, and send it out this week.

Headline suggestions:

Foolproof steps to protect yourself
from the Hypnosis Bandit

Can you be hypnotized against your will?
Certified Hypnotist reveals secrets

The shocking truth about the Hypnosis Bandit
from a Professional Hypnotist


You can use these, but I recommend you write your own. This is just to get your wheels turning.

The story is here:

Italian Thief ‘Hypnotized Cashier Staff’

Do your press release today. Each day you wait, the story gets colder.

Click on the image of the Hypnosis Bandit below to go to the video:

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