Proof On Steroids (Hypnosis Works)

Let’s face it…

People have doubts about hypnosis

And doubts lead to fears, and neither of those lead to you getting more clients.

Which is why I’m always going on about PROOF.

Or to be more exact… Unquestionable Proof.

Which means you provide information which is so amazingly amazing your prospects will say “holy crap, this stuff really works!”

My 3 favorite sources are:

1) Testimonials – Because this is directly about YOU and comes from people just like your prospects.

Most people do not use this enough. (HINT: It’s not possible to have too many.)

Maybe this fall I’ll do a training on how to use testimonials to crank up your paying client conversions.

2) Science – Hard to argue with cold hard facts. It’s simple and powerful.

3) News Media – If it’s in the media, it must be true.

Most folks won’t admit they think this way, but we do. I’m guilty of it myself sometimes.

Media give credibility and more important BELIEVABILITY to any topic.

Which is why I hammer on using Publicity Marketing all the time.

You can use other people’s stories in the media in your marketing too.

And I’ve got a great one for you today!

It’s about a guy in England who had 2 teeth removed using only Hypnosis for pain.

It’s in the BBC News, one of the most respected media outlets in the world.

Both the patient and the dentist say “The hypnosis was 100% effective”

This is Proof on steroids.

This will get a “OMG, it really works” reaction.

And as an added bonus the reporter notes:

“Mr Mason has previously undergone hypnosis to quit his 40-a-day smoking habit”


Save this one for your marketing. Grab it here:

Hypnosis used in dental procedure (BBC News) Dental patient underwent hypnosis to have two teeth removed

I’ve been posting killer news and science articles

on HypnoThoughts for the last couple years.

It’s a library of Proof. Might be a good place to bookmark.
How To Use Free Publicity To Get More Clients
Discover How you can get the local media to promote you and your hypnosis business.


  • Hi Craig, I’ve had a look at the BBC’s terms of use and cannot decide whether they allow us to use their links in our business marketing and, if so, whether we need to apply to them for a business licence?

    Regards, Alison Bird

  • You should be able to use their links as long as you give proper credit to the BBC. This is common practice in journalism and with bloggers.

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