Psychology, Copywriting and Email Marketing

I recently did a 2-part interview for Born To Influence: The Marketing Show.

They title they came up with for my interview is:

Craig Eubanks on All Things
Psychology, Copywriting and Email Marketing

I must have had a lot of coffee that day because I usually don’t cover “All Things” in one interview.

The host, Esther Kiss (great name isn’t it?), assures me I was “FANTASTIC!” But you can be the judge.  Both parts are free, as are all of the episodes of the Born To Influence show.

Click below to get the podcast or watch the video.


To get the full description of what’s in my 2-part interview use this link:

Or to get the podcast from iTunes use this link:

By the way… Born To Influence was recently awarded one of the Top 5 New Podcast Shows on iTunes.  So you might want to check out the other episodes too.