Selling Hypnosis Info Products – Truth vs Hype on ‘Passive Income’


I’ve always been skeptical about the “build a passive income in 21 days!!!” sort of marketing some of the Internet marketers do. Unless you’ve already got a big brand made, that’s a bit unrealistic. Perhaps doable, but it would definitely not be typical results.

It is good to be skeptical and realize there is no magic bullet.  Business success requires effort and developing systems.

That said, it is possible to develop multiple streams of income in a short period of time.  In marketing lingo this is known as a “back end”.  Once you acquire a customer, you have other offerings for them.

I’ve know people who went from idea to selling a product AND making a profit in 21 days.  And there will come a time when I do the same.

What is usually not said about how it is possible to go from zero to profit in 21 days is the following:


The Money is in the List
– Bill Glazer


1. You need a LIST or ACCESS to a list of buyers.

This is the most important detail that usually never gets mentioned when people state how they made a large amount of money in a very short time.

I recently did a campaign for a client who was releasing a new product.  He brought in an extra $35,000 in February when he released it.

Now I can use those numbers and say I’m a freaking genius, however the reason this was possible is because my client has a list of over 10,000 people who have said “I am interested in what you offer” and over 3000 of them have bought from him before.

He also maintains a great relationship with his list and they have learned to trust him.

There are 2 extremely important marketing lessons in that last sentence… trust and relationship.

It’s why with 3 emails and a sales letter on his website, he was able to bring in that kind of money in a short period of time.

2. You need SYSTEMS** in place

I could spend an entire day hammering home this important point, but today is not that day.

It’s critical to understand that as an entrepreneur you CAN have amazing results in a very short period of time, once you have BUILT SYSTEMS to handle all the components of creating a product and fulfilling the orders.

It’s not going to be something you do from the desk in your spare bedroom.

Ideally you want to find vendors who will handle all of the printing, design, shipping, and even order returns and customer support.

This way, you are left to do that which is all you should be doing… listening to your market and creating the products they want more of.

Of course it takes time to do this.  And as your business grows you should be doing this because it frees your time to do that which brings you the most success.

You shouldn’t be sitting around burning CD’s, pasting on labels, and stuffing envelopes.  However, it is good to
do these things enough to know how you want your systems to be run by your vendors or employees.

**  If you don’t know what I mean by ‘systems’, read the E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. You can get it at any bookstore.

3. Find A ‘Starving Crowd’

Gary Halbert, one of the great minds of Direct Response Marketing, came up with this concept as a metaphor for how to be successful, and do it fast.

He once stated to a room full of smart marketers, that if they all went into the restaurant business at the same time as competitors, he could be them all with just one simple advantage.

He challenged them to figure out what it was.

The answers ranged from secret sauce, to location, to a great brand name, but that wasn’t it.

All Gary said he needed was “a starving crowd”

The point… find what your prospects are ‘starving’ for and feed it to them.

For a good lesson in how this works, look at how people are absolutely ravenous over The Secret movie, book, lectures, etc.

The people that put it together really understood what their market was ‘starving’ for.

When you have these 3 things in place, you absolutely can make large amounts of income in very short amounts of time.

It takes time to build these systems, and the list.  And these are the key points left out of the how to make 30k in 30 days sales pitches you’ll see.

In fact, I just returned from attending a 4 day conference with some of the world’s best in Internet marketing.  There are people here who have made hundreds of thousands in a matter of days.  And it took them at least a couple of years of hard work to lay the foundation in order to make it happen.

Brad Fallon & Andy Jenkins did this with the release of their StomperNet university (training in Search Engine Optimization). One of the most successful releases in Internet History.

But they didn’t get there overnight, and they are constantly working to build their list, build systems, and do the market research to know what the ‘starving crowd’ is hungry for.

I’ll have some new ideas from the marketing conference up for you in the coming weeks



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