Free Publicity For Stop Smoking Hypnosis – Ben Affleck On Oprah

Hollywood start Ben Affleck tells Oprah how he used Hypnosis to finally stop smoking after 20 years!  This is a HUGE opportunity for all professional hypnotists to get a big boost in business from the Oprah Effect.

This morning I found these two Google Alerts in my inbox.   As I have recommended repeatedly, if you want to leverage current topics in the news, Google Alerts is the hands-down best way to be instantly notified of hot news stories.  It takes 5 minutes to set it up.

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Google Alerts on Ben Affleck – Oprah
Stop Smoking With Hypnosis Story


I can think of numerous ways I would use this story if I were a Smoking Cessation Hypnotist.  At a bare minimum, I would have a press release done TODAY and sent out to my local media while this story is HOT.

Why is this so important?

Because almost no one has ever gone broke betting on the power of Hollywood stars endorsing a product or service.  And there are few people in this world how match Oprah when it comes to celebrity power.  In fact this is known as the ‘Oprah Effect’.

She can sell more books than a top review from the New York Times just by mentioning it on her show, and do it in an era when people spend more time watching TV than reading.

Oprah Effect.png
What Oprah Says… People Believe!

Oprah having a story on her show about Hypnosis being effective will do more for the credibility and believibility of Hypnosis than a stack of scientific studies a foot deep.

Plus you have the added effect of Hollywood movie star Ben Affleck saying how hypnosis not only helped him stop smoking a pack a day, but it also helped his good friend Matt Damon, another Hollywood Star.


This Story Is A Great Proof Element For Your Marketing

So how can you leverage this story to boost your cash flow?  Here is what I would do…


Do this now.  Stories like this have a short lifespan in the media.  But while they are hot, the media will be rabid for any related stories and new angle that will make their story unique.

Your local media will love a chance to tie in to a local Stop Smoking Specialist for ‘expert commentary’ on how hypnosis works.

If you were on my recent teleseminar about how to get thousands of dollars worth of free publicity, you know everything you need to be successful.

If you missed the teleseminar, see this article on how to write and get out a press release on this blog

2. Take screen shots of each of the stories (like I did for this article).

This provides you a ‘proof element’ to use in your marketing materials.   I would include prints of these stories in any mailings you send out to everyone who inquires about your smoking cessation services.

Keep them, you’ll think of more uses as time goes on.

3. See if you can get a copy of the segment on Oprah’s show on video

There are many ways you could use this, here are some that come to mind:

  • have it playing in your office lobby
  • put it on a DVD and send it to stop smoking prospects
  • if it gets put on You Tube, link to it on your website so any prospects can watch the video on your site
  • play the segment when you give talks on smoking cessation

4. Write an article about this and put it on your website.

Be sure to use still shots from the actual TV show, and photos of the celebrities.

5. Write an article and send it to your local papers and magazines.

Especially the smaller neighborhood type publications.  They always need content, and you will be surprised at how many will print your article.

6. Print these articles out and put them in your office.

You can frame them and put them on the walls.  If you have a display area outside of your office, you could put copies out there for passers by to read.

If you have a ‘Proof Book’ of testimonials and articles in your waiting area, put copies in there.

7. Sent them to older inquiries.

Print it out, put it in a letter with a little yellow sticky note on it saying “thought you might be interested in this”.

Send it to all the old stop smoking inquiries you had that never convereted into a client.  Be sure to include your contact info.

That should keep you busy for the next few days!

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  • Should one, like myself, be fearful of sending out too many press releases in a short period of time? Does it piss off the media people or make them numb to press releases from one person? I am preparing a press release working the Ben Affleck angle. I’m also percolating an idea of how to work the medical hypnosis angle into Heath Ledger’s death from over-dose on prescription drugs. Thanks

  • You need not worry about sending too many releases as long as you are helping the reporter/editor by providing interesting stories for their audience.

    The media needs good content. You are doing them a favor by helping them when you provide it.



  • If you have a Mac, there are two great programs for making screen shots, both are currently free.
    1. Skitch –
    2. Jing –
    If you have a PC, they make Jing for PC as well as the Mac. (If you don’t have a Mac, consider getting one. They are amazing!)
    Note: you can also do 5 minute screen capture movies with Jing.
    Cheers, Craig

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