Stop Smoking Is A Hot News Topic – Get Free Publicity Now

Thanks to Google Alerts (you are using these… right?), I’ve
noticed in the last two days the following:

  • 564 articles on “Stop Smoking”
  • 126 articles on proposed “smoking bans”
  • 326 articles on “chantix” and “stop smoking drug linked to
    traffic mishaps”

In case your math is rusty, that’s 1016 articles related to the
topic of Stop Smoking.

And these articles are in MAJOR MEDIA like the Los Angeles Times,
New York Times, Scientific American, Wall Street Journal, and ABC

For whatever reason this is a HOT TOPIC right now! That means it
is a golden opportunity for Hypnotists to be a part of the

Sadly, there is only ONE article in the last 3 days on using
Hypnosis to stop smoking.

If you do Smoking Cessation you should be
sending out press
releases right now.

Like I showed in my recent teleseminar on free publicity, you can
easily get over $10,000 in publicity at no cost with one press

You have 3 different major topics to riff on.

Remember, you are an EXPERT in how people can easily break the
smoking habit.

Do it now while this is in the mind of the media. Reporters need
alternate points of view.

Here are some resources for you:

All Google News stories related to Smoking

LA Times story Drug taken to stop smoking is linked to traffic
(note this is one of the MOST POPULAR stories on the LA
times website today)

How to write a press release, plus free press release template on
my blog

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  • I am a Nurse Hypnotist and I have had amazing stop smoking results without use of other products prescibed or not. The mind holds the habit and desire to smoke and after 72 hours the body has released the nicotine from the bloodstream. I can see that anything that makes the client feel more control would be helpful and I encourage whatever they think will help with their effort. Hypnosis has helped 1000's of people stop smoking and it is time to get the #'s and proof with studies. It is relaxing and drug free.

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